1. This game has already spoiled so much irl history for me; I had no idea that the U.S. went communist in the 40s and the U.K. unified into The Empire under Mosley smh.

  2. What exactly is the incentive for programming these bots? Do they convert karma into actual currency or something??

  3. What's the cleanest way to kill them, like no big explosions or collateral damage?

  4. U can give them madness which then leads to the whole population ganging up on them and killing them

  5. Spite now starts a world war and whisper of war allows you to cause war between any kingdoms u want

  6. i like how people honestly think that theyre delaying the mobile update on purpose

  7. In all fairness they couldve planned ahead by setting up the update in the mobile versions then releasing all at the same time

  8. 2020 was the worst year in 21st Century with Covid-19 Pandemic shutting down basically the whole world

  9. Kognity saved me. Simple as that. I used it to study and review and it def worked

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