1. Boring af to be honest as tsits had no chance whatsoever

  2. He actually did have a great chance - novcak well past his prime and is beatable but the younger guys lack experience to be able to beat someone so experienced. its why we see so many matches where djokovic is not dominating them but its actually very close - they just fail in the important moments due to lack of experience. conversely Djoker has a ton. Its not really a fair fight is it:P

  3. Lol Fox News lol let me guess their opinion hmm 🤔

  4. Maybe due to lack of ticket sales, lack of venue staff, or maybe a tech problem on the venues end

  5. If you truly got it there cherish it and display it

  6. True fans would not sell it and it could be a fake. Otherwise tree fiddy

  7. Some of those at work stains are the ones who use bleach

  8. Cosgrove on 9/11 from the towers, rest in peace and I advise not listening to it

  9. Under a glass moon 🌙 super easy barely an inconvenience

  10. Volunteer to clean up trash 🗑 around the lake

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