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  1. I’m still playing despite massive frustration with all the bugs and problems you’ve listed. But I’ve cut way back on spending and overall time invested in the game.

  2. Totally agree. This is the worst my storage has been for a year. I’m not even trying to keep XXL and XXS Pokémon, I just don’t have the room.

  3. These types of raid weekends only work the way Niantic wants them to (lots of people walking around together) in super high density gym areas. If you’re suburban, or god forbid rural, you’ve got one choice: driving.

  4. I’ve seen The Flash. The main films you are going to want to watch are ‘89 Batman and Man of Steel. The movie is pretty self contained, but those two will give you background on Batman and also the big action piece of the movie (Zod’s attack).

  5. Man of Steel is really the only important one. Without it, the viewer might be confused as to Zod's motivation and the references about DNA and recreating Krypton. Batman 89 only needs to be watched to get the references, but not for plot. The most important thing is that something changed and he's not Batfleck.

  6. Anyone from JL who you weren't expecting to come back?

  7. …there are some absolutely bonkers cameos from JL, DC, and beyond. I really don’t want to spoil them because some of them are so wild the theater went nuts.

  8. Yeah don't spoil the one. I'm sure you know the one I'm talking about. Never in a million years did I think they'd include that iteration!

  9. Agreed. That one is for the hardcore fans. My gf had no idea what was going on.

  10. The CGI used in the trailers is allegedly not from the final cut, but from the cut that screened at CinemaCon. Same deal with the fan screenings from yesterday. But I don't expect the final product to be a massive improvement.

  11. I saw that version last night. Some scenes had rough CGI, some looked great.

  12. Me too. iOS. Mostly on 5G but WiFi once in a while too. Good connection, high speed UW, no packet loss during tests.

  13. I can almost guarantee it was less-so the Galarian Birds and more-so having to do with a future reduction in legendary capture rates.

  14. That’s what I’ve been thinking too. Get rid of the guarantee on shiny legendary. Then implement a significant decrease on legendary catch rates.

  15. It’s also an all-too-common strategy in heavily-monetized games to introduce a new problem that a new premium item can solve. It’s usually a spike in difficulty, and the game will swoop in and say “wouldn’t this be easier if you bought _______?”

  16. Hopefully Niantic will realize that adding any more problems to the game will actually be it’s death knell. The last couple months have been a wasteland

  17. Did the Verified TL40 Club shut down?

  18. VL40 transitioned over to VL50. They’re still around. TL40 was the stat tracking half that used to allow admission to VL40/50. They closed up shop a few months ago.

  19. Thanks for the info! I used to be a part of the club, but stopped participating years ago.

  20. Yeah a lot of people have. I’m still floating around for the random cool posts. But the FB groups are pretty much dead. There’s some content on the discord still

  21. They’re humans in costumes that have a ton of electronics inside them. We met Peach and she was great. Mario and Luigi came out once for 2 minutes and had to leave because of the rain and their electronics.

  22. The current gym system is actually fine, it just needs an incentive: bottle caps.

  23. Let me rephrase. 2022 (an above average year) only had GoFest for sale that year. Johto your was put up for sale in 2021. That led to skewed data. IE 2021 had twice as many e ticket events for sale that year.

  24. Fiscal year ≠ calendar year. Lots of businesses use a fiscal year of March - February. Retail and seasonal heavy business especially. That allows Black Friday sales figures to cap off Q3, while December sales to balance out what is often a soft January and February for Q4.

  25. This much is also true. Assuming Niantic has better people in accounting than coding (or testing anyway).

  26. I used to be an old school Sebastian guy. Then my kids got old enough to watch Star Wars. We watched them all chronologically (Clone Wars and Rebels included). They were so much more invested in the story of Anakin/Vader than they would have been in release order.

  27. Pour another one out for our brave New Zealand beta testers.

  28. Are you trying the global go fest or in person? For the in person ones, the site lets you select 6, then you just have to specify the names on the accounts.

  29. Not just spoofers, but anyone hardcore into grinding gold gyms. My gf wishes it was a lot less than 20, as I usually try and make sure I’m in 20 every day.

  30. You’ve spun 1000 separate gyms in 228 days?

  31. 99 lol. The one that fell off was the Dragonite.

  32. Jesus how do you even do this? Are you guarding Antarctica or something?

  33. Lol nah I live in the Rockies. Between winter and HearUsNiantic, the game has fallen off a lot.

  34. Just got to Level 36 🤦‍♂️

  35. 36-37 is 2 million XP. That seems rather daunting at first (been there!). The best way to get lots of XP in a short time is finding new friends online. Lots of friend groups out there, specifically looking for people who can open gifts. Find 20 people that you can open from daily, in a month you’ll hit ultra with them all. Lucky eggs(s) and bam: 2 million XP and hello wayfarer.

  36. Not as fun. He likes seeing the sparkles and catch animation

  37. That’s the dumbest thing ever. I literally could not care about sizes AT ALL. But my 7 year old LOVES THEM. So any time I catch one I’ll tell him so he can get it too. No more of that it seems.

  38. “Unfortunately we're not able to physically make it to San Francisco for this event and we've already hit our daily limit on remote blimp passes. We'll trade you a Drifblim though!” - Goodyear Blimp.

  39. There’s also a Razor Crest parked near the Falcon in The Force Awakens

  40. I would see it, but I just saw John Wick last week, and I’m seeing Mario next weekend. It adds up and can get expensive, I’ll wait until Paramount+

  41. Ah sorry to hear. Guess we are spoiled for being in a small suburb. We’ve got a nice Dolby and a LieMax (with laser at least). One movie a month covers the subscription.

  42. I have been to hundreds of movies over the years, and got my first cinema score survey after the movie today!

  43. How does it work? Is there just someone asking you to grade it on the way out? And what score did you give it?

  44. Yeah it’s a little card that has fold down tabs. You rate the movie A-F. Then there’s some questions about if you’d buy it or rent it, why you went to see it, and asked about my gender and age.

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