1. He's implying you shouldn't sign to a small label because you can do everything they can by yourself.

  2. I don't think I can get exposure and distribution on my own.

  3. Wait.. are you ASKING to get PAID.. in EXPOSURE?

  4. Well ya no one starting out is getting paid Cash in this industry so might as well get paid in exposure and experiences 🤷.

  5. The producer here is under an alias, they come from being a majority sample based producer, but in this instance he is using kit sounds,, imitating what sound he would go after with samples being triggered to get that bassline sample repeat sound.

  6. Nice old school house btw :) Thanks for sharing!

  7. Dude im obsessed with this genre. Most of the basslines in the genre are sampled. I just gotta figure out how.

  8. looks nice. too bad i cant get serum to change skins

  9. If you are submitting a demo mp3 is better, and if we sign you we'll ask for an flac

  10. Currently we are only accepting tracks that are considered chill. (Like something you could throw on in the background while working or studying) There may be some variation to this rule on a case by case basis.

  11. I used the link in YouTube to send you something. There wasn't an option for mp3 but I sent you the SoundCloud link. I can get you the mp3 if necessary no problem. Let me know if I made the cut.

  12. "Discord wrestling VC"...o wait I was thinking of a superior format.

  13. Might need to just remake the installer

  14. Tried that a couple times too even formatted to apfs and still nothing.

  15. Some people start losing weight really fast during the first week and then it slows down. Others lose weight really slow at first before it starts to pick up. The common denominator is everyone loses weight eventually.

  16. I believe EDM and all it's subgenres will the first to go the route of AI.

  17. I agree. Overeat this and your stomach will let you know for hours and maybe even a day. I overate a container of enlightened ice cream which is a very similar product. I learned my lesson. The bloating actually caused an increased heart rate for several hours as well. It wasn’t fun. I still eat it, but just a serving at a time. Edit adding link:

  18. Haven't reached 4 months just yet. Only 2 and a half months but lost 20lbs. Confidence is through the roof. Health is outstanding.

  19. Focus on getting fat adapted ASAP and you can eat with people without feeling too guilty or having to start over again.

  20. Well as always there is nuance here. And as with everything, the truth usually lies in the middle. But as a general rule, too much of anything can be bad.

  21. Like a caregiver? Does he need assistance with custodial tasks or skilled nursing care?

  22. Yes. He is currently on pd dialysis of which I help him with everyday so he want a caregiver to help out.

  23. To help with custodial tasks or skilled nursing? If he needs help with life tasks that's quite different than needing actual skilled care

  24. For now just nursing. He is still able to do his daily regular task

  25. /create: an electric guitar on a vintage orange amp

  26. Yes but I was thinking something like. /create: a guitar tone that sounds like a cold depressing winter’s night in Minnesota

  27. I agree. You need to have a 30 minute consultation with an ElderCare attorney in your state. Removing/adding people to the title of the house can be considered an illegal transfer and make your mother ineligible for care for a period of time.

  28. A lot of the specifics on the Medicaid, I can't answer. I know Medicaid will cover in home care (possibly more than Medicare), but Medicare will also cover some types of skilled care if it's needed I thought, but you would have to talk to people more experienced with that than me and you may very well know more on it than me. Maybe it would be enough to allow you to at least work more hours. I don't know.

  29. It's the absolutely possible part I'm trying to work with for now as there are several issues at hand. So I made an appointment with my bank to eliminate all doubt about whether or not I can buyout my dad's mortgage of 30k with a mortgage of 30k of my own while he gets paid the difference. If that is the case then I think it's a win win for all of us.

  30. When you say, "buy out" his mortgage for $30k and he gets "paid the difference", are you meaning the difference between $30k and market value? If so, that's the part you're not understanding. Of all the things we've discussed, that's the one thing that's definitely not possible (unless of course you buy it like any other buyer would, financing it for whatever amount you guys agree to).

  31. Ya I figured as much. Either way I'm going to the bank tomorrow to speak with an rep to clarify everything and to see if nothing else if he can qualify for a refinancing option with them.

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