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  1. Looks like me, unable to find the hard drive containing a wallet with at least 1 bitcoin from back in the day.

  2. With team score just 330. Scored more than half of the total.

  3. 220 individual score with team score not even 350:(

  4. The shear idiocy of shitposters questioning sky's inclusion 🤡

  5. I might get downvoted for saying this but anyway I will say it.

  6. Makes me laugh when you say sky shit in odis as if he had a 5 yr long career.

  7. “On May 11, 2000, the census officials realised that they had still not reached the billionth [baby] mark. My parents told me that the officials made the decision that if there was a girl child born anywhere in India between 3AM and 6AM, they would give her the tag of the billionth baby. As luck would have it, I was that child”, told Aastha.

  8. He himself is a waste of a player in the playing 11.

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