im sorry

Everything is better with a good hug

When you follow your heart, love is the answer

  1. Same, yes. It can cause a sort of loop, too; obviously it's very much more difficult to successfully get to sleep when OCD is throwing a fit, so worsening symptoms can lead to getting less of it each night...which in turn does no favors for said symptoms. Rinse and repeat ad nauseam. It's a cycle I've grown all too familiar with over the years.

  2. "Are we doing an absolutely terrible job? Are you extremely unhappy and disappointed with the current state of affairs on YouTube TM ?"

  3. YouTube's been in accelerating decline for years upon years now. I've been watching things on it quite regularly since around the time that Google took ownership of it, and it's been...honestly sad to watch it steadily degrade as the years go by, until it eventually became more or less unrecognizable in comparison to what it once was, and what it was meant to be.

  4. I just want to offer some sincere and heartfelt hugs in spirit to you; this is one of the primary themes my OCD fixates upon as well.

  5. Hugs to you from me as well, man. I've been diagnosed with a combination of depression and generalized anxiety as well, and it really is a frustrating mix to deal with. Wishing the best for you over there.

  6. I am sorry. No one should be treated this way by another human being, let alone someone with clinical depression.

  7. Hello thar to this beautiful katydid and to you as well!

  8. Please be safe over there. I know it's not easy to seek help and talk to someone about this when it's difficult enough to hold together and get through each day as it comes, but a good therapist can be of great help. Hugs in spirit to you.

  9. Holy crap, I didn't realize thrips could get that big!

  10. Most thrips are indeed tiny creatures, but some species grow larger than others, and the biggest of them on record, the aptly-named

  11. This adorable little fuzzybutt looks to me like a Thread-legged Bug nymph, a kind of assassin bug in the subfamily Emesinae. Stenolemus fraterculus, perhaps, or a relative.

  12. This looks like one of the False Bombardier Beetles.

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