1. Ookyee Ookyee lol I hope he makes a comeback as a villain, his forms were sick.

  2. Wasn’t afraid of King; or anyone for that matter. He was ready to throw down.

  3. lmao what do you expect? You post memes that only you understand and expect people to get it too? I hope youre joking bruh 😭

  4. bruh, after about 22 hours . anyways it is back now

  5. They really just said "fuck Martial arts, Garou is Amazo on steroids."

  6. he got more muscles after developing from darkshine fight

  7. op said "friend" not "best friend" . best friend might be a kind of risky so i guess being careful is good

  8. Just to clear up a common misconception about TPN manga.

  9. Still makes it shitty imo, I wish they just didn’t

  10. well, the good news is if u lived for 20 or 30 years more, u might see the remake with proper animation, storytelling and also putting proper ending

  11. not saying every one im just saying that there are christians who are not following the words of what their religion says like i see lots of christians who do zina "sex before marriage" who never go to church who drink alcohol "correct me if im wrong but in the 1 testament or verse ir whatever its called it says dont drink alcohol and dont each chickens right?" and then some dont read the bibel often and then there is those who support lgbt with me saying this im not saying your not a Christiane im just implying that there are people who claim to be christians who dont follow the words of it with me saying this im not saying your not one just theres people like that same goes for judaism and islam i see muslims who say they are one but they drink alcohol never prey never fast do zina party 24/7 and as i said same goes for judaism and every other religion.

  12. Zaker Naik : "Muslims are more christian than Christians themselves"

  13. every time i hear that phrase it makes me laugh so much but its the sad truth may allah guide these people or their "god" jesus

  14. and according to the bible, Jesus is not a god but most if not all Christians don't read their bible

  15. and don't forget work hard and take the reasons to get it / achieve it

  16. Wasnt he also connected to tokyo ghoul author ishida sui or did I get bamboozled

  17. ishida made a comment and fanart for one of tatsuki's manga.

  18. I wanted them to be successful for ten years at least

  19. Art style can ruin good story telling

  20. then why when they fought / met , they didn't attract to each other like when future saitama came closer to past saitama ?

  21. Blast can manipulate force/gravity. Who knows he has to be used to traveling different dimensions. Maybe he’s from a completely different universe

  22. Is the manga still going? Or has it ended and won't have anymore chapters

  23. I’m a little worried for mappa. They’re animating so many great stories and they all look amazing in the trailers but they might be pressuring the animators… more than usual. Even if we’re looking from a apathetic point of view, it might severely damage the final product, and I really don’t want any of the things I just mentioned

  24. and i don't want all popular manga to have same style . some studios' styles just don't fit even if under good conditions and others' might fit more

  25. true. they also don't make continuation but adapt series from start iirc

  26. How is Garou turning into salt related to what I said?

  27. u said a joke probably that garou wanted saitama to leave so that garou mess around and i replied that he was already turning into salt and there is no chance of doing anything

  28. ...I wasn't joking, Saitama would've genuinely failed to save anyone if Garou didn't show him how to get back.

  29. u said "garou wanted to bail saitama out because he wanted to play around"

  30. i know , just wait cuz i'm sick and taking things slowly but i will reply to everything eventually dw

  31. Yes he does, hk always show interest in anything he like and usually post about it on twitter (Since he is very active) and him not mentioning anything on opm says he is not invested in it to start copying from it and this thread is just like avatar all over again when people started bringing up the similarities between shoto and zuko but hk debunked them in a interview claiming he hasn't watch avatar before

  32. or two weeks after the one month and a lot say it won't be this soon and will only be when murata announces as they interpreted that from what he said

  33. yes sure , i wasn't that serious typing that . was just saying it based on how murata used to be during MA arc

  34. afo's evil is affeceted / sourced from affection of some comics

  35. Wonder what horikoshi is smocking these days. I smell a GOT type ending soon

  36. giving a proper ending is probably the hardest part of the job if u didn't plan it

  37. it took me days to put the small bags in almost every part of their body / clothes .

  38. 95 % bones . they probably finished or about to finish working on mob and their other works so i can see them working on opm as a successor to mob

  39. His power is made to look like unlimited strength but no he really just has unlimited potential

  40. they are the same thing since he can reach any potential when he wants if he found his opponent needs more power

  41. Nah, I don’t think it’ll be jeanist. But that’s the thing, I don’t know what it’d be at all, I’m guessin a completely unforeseen deus ex machina

  42. it can only be eri tbh . ofa can never have relevance here

  43. Again, I don’t even think it’ll be eri. I legit think that no one can come up with something I’d actually believe until it happens. Hell, they could get it spot on and I’d prob go “nah it’ll be somethin else”

  44. And they're killed for nothing at the end. Thank you for being a mass murderer for our sake Eren

  45. eren was both simping and saving eldians . killing them made paradis and eren's friends live more so he did fine

  46. I'm I the only who's surprised that Eren and Mikasa didn't accidently bang each other while drunk.

  47. could happen if both were alone, or at least a kiss but others were around

  48. I mean, pretty sure the demographic for Beastars is more widespread than Baki’s

  49. was doubting your claims of being fine not saying that my doubts were the reasons of u not being fine

  50. He👏is👏taking👏a👏shit!👏

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