1. Davinci Resolve. In case you need it, this YouTube video is great for beginners. I watched it through once, then used it as a reference when needed.

  2. Thank you for your feedback it seems to be the consensus. Many people that have commented on this sub reddit have agreed with you. I plan to use this software. And if my videos end up with lots of views I'll make sure to give you a specific shout out. Again tyvm for your feedback.

  3. mine is also doing this and i found a few other places online that people are saying the same thing. I even contacted omen support they dont even know about this yet. Even when i watch a video on youtube it says inactive with no temp. But soon as i start gaming it shows the temp and the utilization. I believe its normal. Because the omen gaming hub app has updated recently and windows has also updated, And both are more focused on saving power. so i believe its just a new feature to save power. since its a discrete graphics card (seperate from cpu) it has no need to run until you start gaming and you are doing graphic intensive activities. Omen support is gonna call me back after they research it. I'll let ya know what they say but i think its normal. Because its happening to alot of people so its unlikely that all these people all the sudden fried their graphics cards lol.

  4. I plugged a blue yeti mic into my phone with earphones for feedback to sing on the starmaker app and it used 13% battery in 49 mins. I have the Samsung galaxy s23 ultra. So it does seem to eat power of course, I don't have power saving on, I run highest refresh rate 120hz, highest screen resolution, but I do run a light performance profile and my phone is in dark mode. Quick share is off Bluetooth is off and I'm using a wifi signal. And it still ate 13% battery in 49 mins. Also I was not singing with video. So the camera didn't have to operate. So unless you tweak your phone for all battery saving aspects it will use battery lol. Imo

  5. You actually can't play games that are optimized for xbox series x/s on an exterior ssd or hdd. You can store them there and then copy them back over to your internal xbox hard-drive when you want to play them. If you are not able to store it on there at all. Then plug into your PC and make sure it's formatted for exFat and not NTFS. Then once you plug it back into your console go to your settings> system> storage devices. On that page you should see a box that says "change installation locations" and you must change it to your WD Black drive. Then it should install on that drive. But you will have to copy it over to your xbox if you want to play it. If you want to play games that are optimized for xbox series x/s you need an xbox expansion card. That is the only way to add storage and play optimized games from it. They are quite pricey. Roughly the price of the series s console lol. Well anyway hope this helped good luck.

  6. I have been struggling with this issue as well I called Vizio months ago and they told me it was escalated to engineering. To keep my tv connected to internet and an update will fix it and that has never happened after 3-4 months. The best I could get my game in is 2560x1440 with xbox series s. I've factory reset and unplugged everything and still no luck. I honestly with all my heart believe they aren't going to fix it. I'm never buying another vizio product ever again. I'll spend 2000 dollars more if I have to to buy a good tv. What I think it is is smartcast it recognizes your device in its default resolution output. So for us series s users we have to allow 4k but that doesn't matter if we do because mine is checked but when I try to change USB to 2.1 output it goes right back to auto. I can get 1440 but not 4k UHD . I'm done and over it I'll just have to deal with having a 1440p gaming tv even tho that's not what I paid for. And that's not what's advertised on the box. The series s is 4k capable. 100% for sure because I gamed in 4k for a week until I woke up one morning and all the tvs menus were different. And when I tried to switch it to 2.1 back to auto she went. Vizio is garbage they lost my business for good.

  7. Was a joke lol. But yeah I don't own a flame thrower lol. Which is like the only real gun I can think of that would be close to a nukor lol. But then I would have done a great Ignis riven which I unfortunately do not have lol.

  8. You can get the guitar set up correctly if the action is too high when you get it. Over time it will need a set up again as the tension bows the neck and the nut and saddle need attention. Any guitar shop can steer you in the right direction if need be. These guitars are shipped a very long way and are usually in need of maintenance once they arrive and sit in even more dry conditions in a warehouse. Hope you get a good one!

  9. Thanks for the info. I plan to play it before I buy it to see the action. I just wanted to see if anyone owned one and knew how well they stood up to wear and tear.

  10. Of course they fall because they have weight. But they fall toward the earth. Why is that? Why don't they fall upward. Because the earth itself has a massive amount of "weight" aka mass. So anything weighing less than the earth is going to fall toward the earth. Just as the earth falls toward the sun because it's much larger than the earth. But since we are so far away from the sun we don't fall directly onto it. Instead we swing around it and get sling shotted back away from the sun the fall back toward it again and repeat. So in space anything with mass will attract other mass. We call this principal "gravity". You stand on the ground and don't float into space because of the gravity of the earth. Which is weight so yes weight has alot to do with it. Weight creates gravity. So yes things fall because of there weight and because of the gravity that weight creates.

  11. i was not expecting to randomly scroll past this, this morning. and i instantly instinctively read it in his voice. lmfao the movie usher skits are some of my favorites on the show. thank you for this laugh!

  12. the incest stuff disturbed me especially cause the sister was 100 percent down for it

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