1. If they do add them I recommend for everyone to play yakuza 0 ! One of the best games Iv played

  2. As long as there's nothing as bad as the bridge level with the turtle shells

  3. Yes, the first game that I downloaded from the new service. Such a fun game, looks gorgeous. Also downloaded Spiderman and Lost Legacy. I played a bit of Lost Legacy and couldn't put it down. The lighting and colours on the rooftop in the beginning were amazing at that lotus building. Definitely next after GoT.

  4. I bought it last night. I'm not big on solo player games but anything from software is a yes for me.

  5. I started software games this year because of the hype of Elden ring. Bloodborne was amazing and I still have dark souls 3 to get through and then I’ll get sekiro one of the days

  6. Not worth it.It was on sale in april 50% too i believe.Still way too expensive for what its worth.

  7. It got game of the year in 2019. It’s down from 70 to 35 euros rn which isn’t bad

  8. I'll have another look, I should have specified though that I'm uk, are you too?

  9. I’m from Ireland. Did you search from it from your PS4/PS5 ? It didn’t show up for me from the PS app until I turned on my console

  10. And all the Mafia games too. I upgraded to premium in the end €17 a month isn’t bad

  11. Three is in the extra tier, the two remakes are premium however

  12. I played 2 on my PS3 years ago and it was a good game. I haven’t played one yet and apparently 3 is very meh

  13. It’s the same with bioshock infinite. It comes up on the PS app but you when click it says error

  14. Thanks I checked and nothing was updated. How came you have another 5 years of premium? Were you stacked up beforehand

  15. Yes. I stacked ps now cards from cdkey when they announced the new tiers back in April before they blocked stacking

  16. Nice one. I just do a monthly subscription and I just have PS plus I cancelled my PS now subscription like a while back so I presume I just be upgraded to the essential tier

  17. At least she included Caitlyn, lol. I guess she feels obligated to include everyone or else she’ll get shit for leaving people out. None of these fathers really deserve to be celebrated but of course Kris lives in a different reality where these are all “the best Dad ever” who were just “born to be Dads.” :|

  18. I remember was it last year or maybe the year before when Kris left out Caitlyn and she basically made a new one and reposted and then included cait

  19. How did you get freerunning attacks for the gold stat?

  20. I replayed the mission the election and there’s an enemy you can disarm and do a vault attack on and I replayed the checkpoint till it popped up. It doesn’t take long

  21. And she didn’t even look good…..

  22. I love having access to re:dc, returnals, demons souls, all major Lego games, death stranding and gotg

  23. Does it show when Ghost of tsushima is leaving ? I don’t have the service till next week

  24. i just got blocked by someone who doesnt like benny drama.

  25. That Travis Stan is the WORST. Anyone who dislikes Travis is a Scott Stan according to her 😂😂

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