1. The end of American democracy. Let’s call it what it is.

  2. Fuck putin. Hope that mother fucker gets what's coming to him.

  3. Big Brain GMKA, out with a two-goalie tandem. Ushers in the three-goalie system. UGH.

  4. Bullseye. This right here is a perfect example of how capitalism works. That fat white guy is the cops, and drake is the ruling class, getting his way “as always” -> cops are enforcers. And celebrities and politicians are the mob, the world has told them they’re more important than us, and until we change things, they’re gonna stay more important.. pigs are pigs

  5. This has nothing to do with capitalism lol. Socialist countries are even worse at nepotism.

  6. Sorry if I misinterpreted what he said, I was kinda half listening while at work. All in all I’ve liked most things KA has done for us thus far, so I’m trusting whatever he gives us by the start of the season

  7. I think prevent defense should be used in one scenario ever. And that is hail marry plays. Just have a bunch of guys in the end zone and try to block the attempt.

  8. The thing is, I seriously doubt he breaks 30 next year he’s in for a massive regression so the question is do the sabres believe he is capable of scoring 35+ year in year out because if they do then no don’t move him, but if you have doubts he can be that and someone offers you a package for him that treats him like a 35 goal scorer you take it

  9. As a Vegas fan who turned into a Buffalo fan after this trade (and after seeing how Fleury was traded without even being notified), I'm super happy to see Tuch finally get the role he deserves. Him, Thompson, and Power are easily my favorite players on the team.

  10. I don’t have a particularly advanced pallet now so bear with me but from first tastes it’s quite explosive, particularly for a pot still triple distilled whiskey. Smell is pungent and I sort of get those berries notes from first whiff.

  11. Excellent description! I'll have to keep an eye out for it. Really cool looking bottle too.

  12. I want some of whatever this guy is smoking. Plus, I don’t want Pat Kane here. He’s a good player (obviously) and a Buffalo kid, but he has Eichel vibes all over (and not in a good way).

  13. Pat Kane is a very different person today than the kid who punched a taxi cab driver. Ya gotta let people grow up.

  14. That theme sounds familiar...is there something similar between Seattle now and Buffalo from say roughly 2017 until 2020?

  15. I think we've learned over the last decade that "expensive FAs" are rarely the answer. Maybe if a team is really one or two players away but not in this case.

  16. Normally agree, but the other use case is when you just need to meet the cap floor for a season.

  17. We haven't won anything yet. Nothing is guaranteed. Everything must be fought for.

  18. Our fourth line’s ability to shut down other teams’ top lines and do it by generating chances is really valuable to the team. If they could bang a few more dirty gritty goals home, it would be easier to look at them and say “hell yeah we want them on the team”. Most Cup winning teams of the last decade have had a line that could do that.

  19. That kind of production usually comes about only after opposing teams are overwhelmed with the offensive performance of the other 3 lines.

  20. Fuck am I happy to see this. For years people on this subreddit would shit on (and still do) the analytics. Music to my ears.

  21. Skepticism is often warranted, not necessarily because of the analytics itself but because of the analyst attempting to wield it.

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