1. I’d put whether or no you’ve had a shower on the list as well.. many times when I feel like shite I take a shower and I at least feel a bit human again

  2. https://youfeellikeshit.com

  3. I keep boxes for things I will sell when I upgrade. Phones, fitness watch etc. You get more for them with the box.

  4. If you're ok with going out and have a laptop then a change of location can help - I read it's particularly useful for ADHD as it's a novel thing and so triggers dopamine. Somewhere like a library possibly but maybe something like a coffee shop where you get a nice drink and a snack as a reward/motivator?

  5. I'm really not good at going out the house. It would probably be better now I have noise cancelling headphones and know I'm autistic. But I have so much anxiety about it that I basically never leave the house by myself.

  6. Omg are you me?? Literally struggling with the same thing. I wish I could give you more specific advice to help you, but for now I’ll give you a big internet hug and good vibes until I figure it out. I’ve even had a medical withdrawal and this is going on my 5th year (and I still have like 2.5 years left, if I am taking five classes per semester, which I physically and mentally cannot do… so more like 3.5 years.)

  7. I got fined when I out a fag but down the drain. I didn't know it wasn't good for the drains and there wasn't any litter bins nearby, I thought it was better than putting it in the floor. (my thought was that rubbish gets filtered out of drains).

  8. When you have an argument with them and they yell, "you don't want to see me when I'm angry!".

  9. Can't see why you wouldn't be able to paint it, unless it states somewhere that all flats must look the same from the outside? Maybe they're worried you've changed the door and it's no longer a fire door?

  10. Ooof we were there a few months back. Things fell through and the relative who was giving us the loan money had to back out. We just decided to give up and we've actually come to the conclusion we never want the responsibility of a house. We would probably go for a condo in the future though. But tbh I'm happiest in a controlled studio or 1 bed apartment. We haven't moved yet but we are currently in the process of getting rid of 90% of what we own and planning to live minimalisticlly to better help my adhd and its so liberating. Not saying it's the right path for you, but sometimes a new perspective and life plan is what you need.

  11. Selling and buying at the same time was awful. It took us over a year to sell because the first buyer wasn't a real buyer but a middle man trying to make a profit who had someone to sell our house too and then didn't and just messed us around for 7 months. We had to borrow 120,000 off family so we could buy our new build house while waiting for our old house to sell. The second buyer pulled out literal days from completion with no reason, just said she couldn't buy the house anymore. Third and final buyer really wanted the house, but offered 8k less. The sale went through in 6 weeks, after 11 months of hell.

  12. Been told way too many times I don't look autistic, can't be autistic, don't act autistic, am not really disabled.

  13. When I was little mum used to feed me vegetarian somasas while she did the shopping and just scan and pay at the end. Meant she could do the shopping in peace. I don't see anthting wrong with it as long as you pay for stuff.

  14. As a kid when I went food shopping with my Dad they had a tray of free fruit for children to eat in the shop, I think it’s quite a nice idea. Can’t remember what shop, Tescos maybe

  15. Something I found really helpful (coming from a similar background) was to use only cash for a long time. Pay for everything in cash, collect all my savings in cash. When you're dealing with literal money it's much harder, for me at least, to waste than using a card/apple pay.

  16. If you get an online bank account like Monzo it let's you set up pots in the app where you can easily seperate your money :)

  17. Cat nails grow in layers, and the outer layers shed, usually with help from scratching in objects and the cat chewing on the nails.

  18. Mine likes to chew them off and deposit them on my lap. Biggest weirdo ever.

  19. Jeeze! I went to a walk in when mine was smaller than pea sized, I only new it was there because it hurt to wipe. Got given antibiotics and it disappeared within a few days.

  20. Yeah but the tennents don't have to replace it. I mean they probably need to, but whatever they replace it with will be theirs to take with them when they leave.

  21. Yeah they can choose to not have a washing machine at all or to buy a new one and take it with them

  22. Then your all jointly responsible for any damage and it will come out from everyone's deposits equally. Sorry

  23. Buy a harness and take him to work with you. Everyone knows cats make the best supuurvisors 🐱

  24. There isn't an electric heated towel-rail or something like that, that's only come on since it got cold?

  25. If this water heater being permanently on is a recent change, reverting back and seeing what happens sounds sensible.

  26. No its just a very small heater thing attached to the boiler.

  27. Dusting and hoovering because unless ti's got really bad you can't look back and see you've done a good job.

  28. Meat is more expensive at aldi, you may not need 12lv of chicken thighs for 1.99/lb but it's better than buying 1-2lb at 3.49/lb at aldi

  29. I spend much more on my meat than its worth (not from aldi) so it comes frozen and chopped into chunks. I have ASD and I just cannot stand the reel of meat. Or how it looks. So its a sensory nightmare for me to break down myself. Frozen bags mean I can just tip it directly into the slow cooker and press go :)

  30. If I had that option I would. The bags of meat together is never sealed right anyways and it leaks everywhere

  31. Open the bag. Knock on their door. When the open it, yeet it into their apartment :)

  32. I'd have neither. Because I live in a country where mentally unstable people don't have access to guns. Where no one (except the police and military) has access to guns.

  33. They don't last as long and come in a plastic applicator.

  34. The applicator is reusable and mine last 2-4 weeks depending on how much use the toilet is getting (guests, visitors, upset tummies etc). No plastic inside the toilet for germs to grow on.

  35. Annoyingly though, the “starter packs” are always on offer in tesco so you get two refills plus the applicator for about a quid less than one refill on its own, but I don’t want to end up with a load of plastic applicators that will most likely get binned

  36. Wilkos has always got the refills for a good price :) so I go every 6 months as d buy a few packs and stuff them in my refill drawer (shampoo, bodywash, toothpaste, cleaning refills). 😂 I hate running out of the things I use regularly.

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