1. i like the mini scrunchies from lily silk! you can get them on amazon. big silk scrunchies are good too but my hair is really silky texture so the smaller ones work better to avoid slipping out every few minutes

  2. I ordered some thin ones from Silkie on Amazon :) I'm not a big fan of big scrunchies as they look weird when I wear a spare one on my wrist

  3. I just did it, and I took a video, but I realized my very identifying tattoos are in it and I'm skeptical of posting that online haha.

  4. I think I get it. I will get some ribbon and give it a go :) thanks for taking the time to explain it

  5. Could I ask you how much add back HRT you take and which type?

  6. Get a cat. We very rarely have spiders and the ones that don't get eaten are the ones that don't come out from wherever they're hiding.

  7. If we notice it before we order we'll leave and go somewhere else. If we notice it at the end we tell them to take it off the bill.

  8. Me too! If I'm at home, I find a sunny patch to curl up in and fall asleep like a cat.

  9. I really had to push for a referral to a gynecologist (they make me try out lots of different types of birth control and anti-depressants first).

  10. It is perfectly normal also for NTs, I bet you boyfrind is secretly jealous and would like to nap too. I am currently doing a summer yoga workshop and every class literally ends with 15 minute 'rest time', which is essentially nap time for a group of grown ups (sometimes someone snors). If it helps just do 5 minutes of stretching before your nap and call it very easy yoga :D

  11. Is there a possibility she has an underlying condition that's causing the medication to not work as well?

  12. Supplemental oestrogen prevents bone loss. In the UK after chemical menopause, oophorectomy or hysterectomy you get a bone density scan every two years to monitor bone health.

  13. That's fantastic, here I'm not sure that they do that. They sure didn't for my mom, they barely even wanted to do a scan after she had a break.

  14. My PMDD caused this. Freaked me right out when I'd think I saw people on the motorway out the corner of my eye. Or things moving that weren't there.

  15. Waze gives you more up to date traffic information as users can add in information about traffic, police, accidents etc. Google tends to run about 20 minutes behind and is based off algorithms using past traffic, so it's not as good for avoiding accidents or unpredictable traffic.

  16. I’ve tried multiple times. I don’t have the same skill anymore—it looks like a two year old drew something, and I get frustrated and cry my eyes out. I wish I had the same skill, but it hurts so much to try and get back into it, because I don’t feel that same joy and pride anymore.

  17. Please keep trying. It doesn't have to be perfect. Try new mediums that maybe don't have bad memories attached to them. Try glitter art!

  18. I mean you could commit him. He's admitted he's suicidal and even has a plan. I'm not sure it's the right thing to do, but..

  19. I don't understand why this has been down voted so much lol

  20. What makes you think that is your decision to make? It's not up to you. You're not the one who has to live his life.

  21. You have to press the button twice. Mine (j7) works fine straight off the base (3 year old loves to make it go lol)

  22. Leave your key in the door (in the inside) they won't be able to get in then.

  23. I had weird highs and lows with the gel. Low and tired before taking it manic feeling afterwards.

  24. Thanks. Yes - I have six locations I put the patches on, so that the same location only comes round again every three weeks.

  25. I just hope they don't cancel a third appointment. I'm meant to see them every 3 months but they cancelled it and added a month and then did it again. Honestly might just show up at the hospital and ask to be seen if they cancel it a third time, don't know what else to do 😂

  26. For anyone reading this who wants another suggestion - prawns in the hems of curtains.

  27. Then you have to remind yourself that that is an irrational thought

  28. I do. But I have so many irrational thoughts and anxieties. Sometimes you just have to pick your battles. Easier to just tell my partner goodnight, love you lol

  29. If you've set it to clean everywhere it tends to bump into stuff more than if you set it to do a room or space. Mine also bumped into stuff less and does the edges better after it's run a fair few times. It will also sometimes come back and do the edges at the end of its run. Bit inconstant really lol but I'm happy enough with it

  30. I often feel like I must be another species because I just can't relate to other (neurotypical) people and how they behave...

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