1. wasn’t he one of the Blimblams hiding in the tardis or something? i feel like i remember that one

  2. Finally Drinker will have a proper Japanese movie to quote when he says that japanese cinema is cooler than the "woke garbage" he constantly reviews

  3. the creators of the boys were actually greatly inspired by plants vs zombies when designing the characters

  4. its supposed to symbolize that the period on the cover is kinda cut off hope this helps!

  5. Needs some kind of exile clause because this loops stuff like [[Lotus Petal]] infinitely but it's 10 mana so like it's probably fine if it ends the game on the spot?

  6. tbf if [[omniscience]] comes down its basically game over too

  7. I did but a moderator banned me because we had opposing political opinions

  8. was there a hand at the very end or am i projecting

  9. Did you know that he looks into the camera because the director knew that Sugma would be watching the movie in theatres. By looking into the camera, he addresses Sugma

  10. God Peacemaker was so good looking. Like all the environments felt so real and you could see everything so clearly

  11. i went into black adam expecting nothing and got something better than nothing

  12. sub has been shitty for a while now and it's practically dead

  13. fr lotta posts now look like they got ripped straight off

  14. Every TV subreddit eventually descends into circlejerk memes when its show ends, but I think this one has devolved the fastest out of any I've ever seen

  15. tbf it did have all of breaking bad to work off of before bcs ended

  16. 5. wow what a shocking conclusion i sure hope this isnt immediately reversed in three episodes

  17. This movie really in the "actually it's overrated" arc now

  18. cant wait until the “You Forgot About This Underrated Masterpiece…” 4 hour video essay

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