1. Poor jost, he’s the sacrifice to the lovecraftian horror that is mitts-Olof

  2. Hopefully after we try every single player with them and it sucks every time they realize it’s time to split up mitts - olof

  3. They barely play anyway now, breaking them up is the best course of action. Olof has shown with the right combo he’s useable, mitts honestly just needs to be on the 4th line. His poor skating holds him back and he can’t make it up enough in other areas to compensate for it, we’re better off moving on, hopefully soon

  4. Rangers overvalued their young guys so badly. Same thing happened to Regier his last few years here

  5. Every team always overvalues their young guys, especially when they are top 2 picks

  6. For what it's worth the Colts beat the Chiefs and Broncos by 3 points each. What I'm trying to say is, there's like a 2% chance we get the optimal outcome here.

  7. At least it’s a divisional game which are always weird

  8. The jags make the in the hunt list 1 time, and the league decides they can’t allow that ever again

  9. It was a joke for 2 decades that the Bills were always “in the hunt” because they’d be on the edge of the graphic at 5-7 so now that we’re good that had to change the qualification

  10. I’d agree. The goalie is the best penalty killer too so it would make sense that it’s so bad.

  11. Complete boomer take is that Cozens game will lend itself so well to the playoffs too

  12. Idk if it's even a boomer take. Pretty sure Dom L was playing with a "heavy factor" to account for team size/physicality differences in projecting playoff series winners last year

  13. I remember seeing something that the team that just had the higher average size has won a ridiculous amount of the recent playoff series

  14. That list was only our center prospects lmfao. I definitely think we bundle some prospects for an upgrade at some point.

  15. Well we’ve only had a decade to accumulate it

  16. Hasn’t every team had a ‘kid line’?? They won’t be young forever. Want something unique to them

  17. Nicknames have to come naturally. Kid line is too fitting right now.

  18. It's still insane to me that a chunk of Sabres fans actually wanted to trade this man...

  19. There’s a collection of fans for every team that want to trade every player

  20. I agree but this was a 1st overall pick defenseman...which is a position that takes years to develop...who was still having good success until he was told not to play his game.

  21. You’re preaching to the choir, I never wanted to trade him for those reasons.

  22. The Sabres may be 24th in the power rankings but are number 1 to watch because every game ends 6-5, you just don’t know if the Sabres are the 6 or the 5

  23. We go .500 during that 8 game streak, and we are right up there in the top half of the league. That better be our lowest point of the season...

  24. Considering our entire defense was hurt I’d hope it was too

  25. I still think Ollie can be an effective piece if sheltered correctly. I mean the dudes still on pace for 30 goals, that’s always worth something. But unfortunately Mitts definitely has played himself off this team.

  26. Olofsson is starting to have the same problem as Risto. Scores 30 goals but lets in 40.

  27. Yeah, I too fondly remember when Risto scored 30 goals

  28. Ha, you know what I meant concept wise. The pros don’t outweigh the cons at a certain point.

  29. Very much so, just shows how little I know about the draft because I was livid we didn’t take one of those two or lundell

  30. it sucks because I have a bills hockey jersey of Casey mittelstadt when he was playing for team USA at world juniors. so I desperately need him to be good lol.

  31. The youngin Peterka Quinn Power graphic they flashed made me so pumped

  32. So do I, as a Bills fan congrats! Joe is just so calm under pressure. Guy has ice in his veins.

  33. Bills Bengals bromance makes me hope we never have to play in the playoffs

  34. Be a hell of a game if we did.

  35. Game in a few weeks is going to be crazy. Hope we have Von back.

  36. Cinci winning puts our destiny back in our own hands, would be huge

  37. We have the 5th most goals scored and a +1 goal differential and are last in our division 🙃

  38. If it's any consolation, the ridiculous scoring has at least made Buffalo really fun to watch. I've been watching them whenever they don't overlap with the Pens because it's always entertaining.

  39. Don’t blame you, we score at will and get scored on at will hahah

  40. After watching Ottawa and San Jose play yesterday I'm saying this is one we really should win. They didn't look very good.

  41. I feel very confident in saying that if we lose this game to Aaron Dell our season is over

  42. My 18-month-old just told me "Granato is a fucking idiot for deploying Mittlestadt and Oloffson even though their xGF are the worst in the league. When is Terry Pegula going to stop being such a cheapass and hire a Coach and GM that will make this team a winner?"

  43. My god nephew keeps tweeting at Paul Hamilton calling Owen Power a sissy

  44. Steak au poivre in general, like... It's hard to miss.

  45. The sauce is just every flavor I love combined hahah I could eat an infinite amount

  46. Never tried the cauliflower crust. Is it super delicate or does it hold together well?

  47. Holds together well, it’s thin and crispy which I like. Taste wise is pretty much the same, it’s a subtle aftertaste.

  48. PPR want to play a guy in the chiefs - bengals game as my 2nd flex.

  49. All of the underlying stats about our team are incredibly encouraging. We get our depth defense / goaltending shored up and we’ll be a very legit team.

  50. That is actually a very valid point I did not know. His analytics before this year were also pretty garbage looking.

  51. I don’t have any info but I highly doubt the Sabres were outbid. At least I hope not because we have a ton of cap space. I think he wanted to go somewhere where he could win and away from the drama with Eichel and general losing culture.

  52. It was reported that he asked for a 6x6 contract from the Sabres. He probably took less to go to a better team.

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