1. I haven’t used Hazel in a while but I want to remove specific music genres from Apple Music library. Curious if there is an alternative to Hazel Noodlesoft?

  2. There were a lot of bands I didn’t appreciate growing up but now do. The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Ten years after, Johnny Winter, back then I was into Pink Floyd, HawkWind, David Bowie, Joe Walsh, Yes, on and on. Never got into PearlJam though

  3. I appreciate you and your husband's new found independence. You have a new life with your husband, parents may or may not be included.The choice is yours. Congratulations!

  4. You cant hold on to the ego and God at the same time. Either you worship your image in the world, or God, It cant be both. If you do actually choose God over yourself, the benefit is not just a promise, but practical reasoning that brings security and happiness. All fear and discontent is ego centric.

  5. I choose god but not Jesus or Christianity. Christians hold Jesus in high regard and as a means to commune with god. I question the validity of Jesus being the only way, perhaps the only way to the Christian god. I believe there are different perspectives of god that is/are meaningful per individual. People will believe as they choose to believe so to what purpose does it serve to disagree?

  6. My purpose is not to persuade but to analyze and discuss. I shared a theory not a conclusion. If anything I encourage independence over complacency, sadly not many people know the difference.

  7. How is this App? Surprised I have not heard of it until now!

  8. From the screenshots, it looks like it just sets up like radarr and sonarr and similar.

  9. https://th.bing.com/th/id/OIP.zSOcSHlELW-1auIsl8pxkQHaJa?w=150&h=191&c=7&r=0&o=5&dpr=2&pid=1.7

  10. god exists but not in the context you describe god to be. god is the total accumulation of everything therefore god has no will of its own. The events that occur on a universal scale are created by previous events and so on. I believe something happened in the beginning but I don't know what or how? Pain and suffering are concepts viewed as bad or negative based on emotion and personal experience. These are the cost life.

  11. Yes, you were scammed. If Larry was really selling you mushrooms that way, it would be highly illegal. He would also know all about costs and fees before he sent the package.

  12. Buy local. Cash in hand. Referral by trusted people you already know only. Anything else is a scam or an undercover leo.

  13. when I download Newslazer the page opens but does not connect. I deleted newlazer and downloaded the app again . Does not connect I give up.

  14. You're not missing much - Newslazer is a fairly lame newsreader even when it does work! I use newsleecher v7 and despite its age and other issues its still a lot better than Newslazer.

  15. I am trying out Usenapp for macos. It does ok downloading from NZBPlanet and Drunkenslug. I want to apply indexing sites to Usenapp nzb search. The indexers show a connection but when I perform nzb search it says i need api key. Shouldn't be a problem just need to register api key

  16. Did you check to see if your Eweka account is still active?

  17. Eweka account still active, server is up. I also have Newsdemon as NNTP backup servers

  18. How long is the wait time before you will get the lease car?

  19. Leasing 2021 Hyundai Kona lease will February 2024. I imagine more cars will be built from demand. Perhaps this is the end of fossil fuel guzzlers

  20. You all sound like you want a complete extraction. Lucky for you, I can help.

  21. Interesting, hopefully the person I bought from is not going to rip me off, no way of telling at this point will mail 1 oz of psilocybin powder. I hate when I pay for something and deal falls flat. Especially when money is tight.

  22. I want to take psilocybin with friend but also considering small dose sprinkled in tea beforehand when my wife is around. She knows I bought some but doesn't condone me using. I don't want a situation with her if I behave weird that would cause her worry about me.

  23. Because of your experiences with conditions and the fact that you’re older, I think it’s fair to say you’ll also probably have a better personal ability to understand altered consciousness. I can’t say anything about how you’ll handle psilocybin, but I think you’ll be able to navigate and interpret the experience with more grace and nuance.

  24. Thank you, sound advice. I live by the moment anyway so I expect the experience will be a continuum of each level of consciousness. I appreciate your insight about age and wisdom, you hit it on the mark I understand altered consciousness, letting the experience happen as it happens. There is nothing to fear it's only life in a unique form of being.

  25. I was baptized too and recently detached my from Christianity and the bible. I don't if technically I am Christian or not? Either way I think differently now and that's what matters.

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