1. I agree with the other person to watch what you say to this neighbor.

  2. First things first: you should feel so incredibly proud of yourself for what you've accomplished with these dogs. You've been fighting an uphill battle against all sorts of ingrained bad habits, in your partner as well as the dogs!

  3. Two dudes chilling in a 16:9 ratio, five feet apart...

  4. Oh I know he’s not. I think that’s his logic. My mom isn’t the problem but she is made to be the source of some of our issues whenever arguments happen. I’m curious what his excuses would be if we lived alone.

  5. Lol the baby likes you better is already in use

  6. Amazing how that works, isn't it

  7. I only skimmed this but NO - NTA! I let my spouse steamroll my concerns about his frivolous spending and skipping out on saving for my retirement. Guess who wound up getting a divorce and is now completely screwed for retirement? Me!!

  8. They don't really have access to a local person, their town is deserted in winter and there are very few year-round neighbors. The cat has stayed with me before when they've gone away on trips.

  9. Pandemic timeline might be messing me up, but usually my parents go away every winter. I think the last time he stayed over was winter 2021, last year (they lived in the city) I just drove to check on the cat everyday.

  10. Oh yeah, Mia is totally copying her mother's manipulative ways.

  11. That is a balls-insane move if that's the case. What's the endgame for these people? Just to give LAOP a hard time? Is it worth having to deal with four kids who will fucking hate you?

  12. You know, just because this is "the easy way out" doesn't necessarily mean it can't also be in the dog's best interest. What's so bad about giving him access to a less triggering, more enriching environment? Yes, he'll miss you, but what other downsides would there be for him?

  13. Yeah. I mean, he tried and when he realized he was being terrible to a child he found a new path. Thats better than a ton of people.

  14. Cases where the parents seem decent but there kid has turned out a piece of shit really confuse me. It’s good though that the granddaughter still got to have all those adults who love her in her life.

  15. My parents are amazing... On paper. In practice, I had to stop taking my mom's phonecalls during college because her relentless criticism kept making me suicidal. I also grew up with multiple severe mental health issues that went undiagnosed, including a severe learning disorder. I graduated high school ranked 6th of 700, something that only happened "thanks" to grueling amounts of effort and nonstop hounding by my parents. Meanwhile, they also placed harsh restrictions on who I was allowed to be friends with and what media I was allowed to consume—resulting in a very isolated and lonely childhood.

  16. Not impossible. If the cat owner does the cat care and you're not particularly interested in learning, it's pretty easy to not learn.

  17. Especially if the cat doesn't want to interact with you.

  18. I used to work as a tutor, so I've helped a fair number of kids apply to college. I would have been thrilled to work with you on that essay. This was a brilliant topic choice; you're really going to stand out, especially if you brought up any science/behaviorial psychology principles. It's also going to really emphasize all sorts of desirable personality traits and personality habits.

  19. Let me just quickly second the advice to consult with a vet behaviorist.

  20. Sounds like normal-but-undesirable puppy behavior to me, but could you be a lot more descriptive of the posture your dog used to lay down? And what was she doing with her face while she barked?

  21. I like it, but I feel like the overlong pants detract from the look? That said, those pants are also giving me flashbacks to 9th grade and JNCOs, so I'm probably unfairly biased against them, LOL. (They are really cool pants, tho'. I just don't like their oversized look for this specific outfit.)

  22. Bro the pants are 🔥🔥🔥 idk if you’ve noticed but big pants/jeans have been in for a while now.

  23. I know the pants are cool! They are cool pants. It's just every time I look at these pictures, I keep mentally cuffing them. But at the same time, I can tell that the pants are structured to look like this.

  24. Have you researched the term "frustrated greeter"?

  25. Wow. That was something else; thank you for sharing the link!

  26. Pardon the pun, but she looks absolutely gorgeous

  27. She was my first Puli client. Started since she was just a puppy she’s 3 now!

  28. I thought they were a giant breed! Huh!

  29. Not refuting, but I just wanna ask for some clarification about those 15 vowels English has

  30. Not to repeat the other answers too much, but it's the

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