1. Why are your bmt flights filled with weirdos?

  2. I will be happy only if Lancia and Alfa Romeo return

  3. Mike Harmon is definitely not a Taco Bell kinda guy, the legend dines at Applebees

  4. They were added in the new update but I didn’t see anything in the update page on EA.com

  5. Curious why there’s nothing about them and why they aren’t named

  6. The only issue I had with getting them to show was making sure I wasn't running any other body texture at the same time. Right now, I'm not running tattoos but at the time, I only had the

  7. Sorry about the delay in a response, I ended up having to go to work. The arms for the tattoo work but not the torso or legs

  8. Arms but no torso or legs, hmm. Make sure tattoos are turned off in character creation.

  9. I’m not entirely sure what I did but I got it working! Thanks choom!

  10. Imma have to go with the seibon build

  11. I was fighting the frost troll on high hrothgar and accidentally stabbed her. This was a long time ago when I first started playing but I still think about it

  12. Livery made by TB Sim Designs on RaceDepartment

  13. What’s with all the wiring on the Delorean?

  14. Probably a back to the future replica

  15. X-M1. I don’t think I need to explain why.

  16. “Vive la révolution!”-The droids probably

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