1. Not a girl, but I think that it shows that you’re self aware of your actions.

  2. Maybe a trick but it is one Gina Carano should have used. She'd still have a real career.

  3. So my friend has left me on read for like a month now…. I’ve tried texting her a few days ago expressing my concern but she hasn’t replied yet. I know that she hasn’t blocked me since my phone says that she’s been reading my messages.

  4. Reminds me of this girl that I used to dislike back in middle school. She was such a drama queen and would say the most random stupid crap like “Omg, That’s So Raven!” and “My Grandma Got Ran Over By a Reigndeer”.

  5. A lot of my favorite games have skeletons in it.

  6. Ask them about themselves and listen closely to what they say.

  7. Homie acting like people are actually going to see our forskin.

  8. Philosophy so bad I thought that life had a purpose.

  9. No no, we will not talk about the guy that lives inside people’s walls with rats.

  10. That’s why I don’t pick sides in politics cause I don’t want to have a biased opinion on things.

  11. I heard a rumour that they’re the household in the game.

  12. No. It was just speculation. I would love a full Mantis crew though. I especially want Merrin to boost the NS faction.

  13. Now that the neutral tag is getting used I could definitely see Merrin being added with it.

  14. I think she'll be our first LS NS. Cere might be Neutral, but I'm pretty sure she'll end up LS.

  15. The problem with making Merrin light side is that she won’t be able to aid Nightsisters in dark side TB.

  16. I started watching Korra recently after I finished watching Avatar a few months ago, I like it so far but I have one major problem (spoiler for season 1&2)

  17. Qira, Fennece Shand, Jedi Anakin, Bo Katan, Boba Scion of Jango, and Greef Carga should be neutral as well.

  18. I liked the ending of TFA but I thought that Spider-Man Far From Home had the absolute best cliffhanger.

  19. I have mad respect for the people using Dash Rendar’s datacron to climb arena.

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