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  1. That Ultraman and Tiga grunt impression is actually very good

  2. Rengoku would be one of perfect host for Ultraman. He has a very high fighting spirit, High determination and will fight till the end without losing hope and never give up.

  3. Zero and man Nisan: Oh Tiga just make up with his ex girlfriend. Awww so sweet. Tiga: BAKA!!!!

  4. Let us accept Tiga as UltraMAN and not judge him for his flaws. Much like Scott Summers aka Cyclops of the X Men dudes he ain't perfect especially with relationships.

  5. I love Tiga in a bottom if my heart. But this is just for entertainment, and for meme material.

  6. Imagine that soundtrack play when he fart. It going to be the most funniest and epic scene in the entire anime history.

  7. This background music will always be the best and my favorite ost in the Ultraman series. Although we will never here this song anymore

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