1. I’d prefer an Ultra Q show that transitions into an Ultraman show, that way it explains why an attack team already exists

  2. Ever think about how Ultraseven X never released a blu ray until the Mill Creek release? I think about it a lot

  3. Belial was a good guy at a early point in his life. He wanted to save and help people, however, his methods were on the extreme end. Between not being recognized and his power quickly stagnating, he felt insecure. He was worried about being weak and he gave into his fears- And as a result the light rejected him.

  4. Decker joins the club with Ultraman Z of Ultraman with figuarts of all their forms~ (SHOWA DO NOT INTERACT)

  5. Wasn’t there some lore that the Leo brothers can’t be on the land of light for too long because it hurts them or something?

  6. Well you see since he has the Ultraman blood him he tends to be taller, by age 20 he’ll be taller than Jack obviously

  7. Keep it the same, double episodes more character focus, and additional fighting locations.

  8. Interesting how you clarify the 6 ultra brothers, then use Tiga as an example. And not like, Leo, or Mebius. You know the ultra people include as Ultra Brothers.

  9. Absolutely funny that Jack got his figuarts before Ace- Granted it’s a few months but still.

  10. Okay but like I need you people to watch the first 2 episodes of KR X, genuinely one of the best show beginnings I watched for a Tokusatsu!

  11. I often think about how Cyber Gomora was like the blue prints for mechs in Z.

  12. Wasn’t there a trademark for a Ultraman Saber? Maybe that will be them?

  13. When you ask the friendship deniers what the dark and mature Nexus’s name means

  14. Favorite is a toss up between Orb and Dyna!

  15. The strongest ultra brother is whoever is writing them

  16. I just always assumed the implication was that the Ultra beings were the peak of evolution of humanoid beings

  17. Its literally your average magical transformation and she’s an idol, she does an idol pose. Even her fighting style had dancing like attacks.

  18. There’s a decent chance she gets a P Bandai figuarts and I’m excited for that…

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