1. Magnus, not because of any legitimate reason but because everything in the universe is intent on screwing him and his children, might as well join in

  2. Zamu Seijin needs a follow up, I'm still sad the genocide has yet to be undone.

  3. I remember when he tried to work with the lizard people 30 years before, allowed us to find and grind them out of existence.

  4. Each Who is for a different audience, don't compare new who to older who as they're both great.

  5. Honestly, I wish Kengo and Trigger were seperate and thus Trigger is shown to interact more with his old comrades. I feel it would add a lot as you see the struggles, the value of humanity with Kengo being his anchor, and trying to redeem his old allies but protect the species he's guarded for millions of years beforehand

  6. I could've forgiven The Timeless Child if Shada was adapted immediately afterwards with Chronitis being the reason the Timeless Child escaped and then was forgotten about.

  7. Save the brother or otherwise you won't have anything to worry about later

  8. Given Tiga's story, the idea of a Ultraman who was evil in the past and turned to a strict paladin of light in the present coming to terms with his existence and accepting his evil and pure sides to make a juggernaut form is the greatest story. I wish the idea had been better done

  9. Chaos Marine: Pfft, Puny weapon. Reflecting something?

  10. Note I should explain the story I have planned for them

  11. Likes, its pretty obvious that The Doctor has hit his limit for how much time fuckery that he can get away with by the end of the episode. The Old Rory paradox alone was a serious violation. They did their best to fight fate and failed. The Doctor was smart to not keep picking at that wound.

  12. Especially with last incarnation going "I AM TIMELORD VIC-Gunshot- Shiiiit"

  13. That's 100% a missing screen update.

  14. Just did it and yeah, its what you said. Have trouble getting the SD card into the slot though

  15. Only wish it had a function to connect wifi or bluetooth so I could do pokemon trading.

  16. Do you think the 10th Doctor is the Worst Doctor?

  17. First, suspect foul play / an ambush. Move to encircle and disarm the PDF.

  18. Good idea but if the commanding officer didn't call on the Astartes, don't whip them. Whip whatever idiot called them no matter how high the rank as he put future planets in danger.

  19. It's all good space marine sir, they have 2 hands on average.

  20. Lorgar: It’s over, Guilliman! I have drawn your ultramarines as the ugly wojak, and my word bearers as the handsome one! At long last Monarchia has been avenged!

  21. Guilliman: I felt sorry for you but now I'll laugh because it's pathetic. 10,000 years and that's the best you could come up with. Dad was right to destroy your city.

  22. I approve of fact checking politicans and want them all checked.

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