1. You want chesscom on twitch when hosted by naroditsky +Aman or Rensch + Hess. All do a great job of making the match approachable

  2. The website itself says "Do not use this method to detect cheating, it is unreliable" yet you want to use it to detect cheating.

  3. Q-tips also say don't stick them in your ears. It's not a bad tool just because the creators assume the masses would misuse it. It just needs to be used appropriately

  4. In the way it's currently used, yes. That does not invalidate the concept

  5. This comments here are fucking ridiculous. The assumption that she was trying to "cheat" is insane. Also no one is arguing she made the "correct" call. It wasn't asked that the post get taken down because Samiya felt she made the right call and was angry people disagreed. The post was taken down because the comments attacked HER and her character and her worth and value as a player. People wanted to see her and brute get wrecked because she made a single call they disagreed with. People made a value judgment on her as a player because of a call; those are the fucking racist undertones here. The hyperbolic and violent language directed at her for a SINGLE CALL. Do you think people would see a white player make an incorrect call, then proceed to call them a cheater and tell them they should be ashamed of themselves?

  6. I think it's kinda shitty to publicly put somebody on blast for making a terrible call.

  7. Many years ago I went to a very respected PT for a back injury (took a CEU course from him also). He told me the orthopedic doctors from the hospital across the street had been sending him patients for PT sessions prior to their THA. Well, the referrals stopped because his interventions worked so well that the patients were deferring the THAs.

  8. And when we follow the incentives here... Surgeons are going to refer to bad PTs preop. What a system!

  9. He tried not to cheat. Realized he couldn't compete. Then cheated. Seems sadly possible.

  10. Sounds like somebody doesn't put beads in their butt unless his back is up against a wall.

  11. It looks like Max used almost an hour and a half on move 19. Isn't that odd if he studied it up to move 29?

  12. Wanted his engine to get to a depth of 55 before committing to the move.

  13. A thrower may reset the pivot means may choose a new pivot.

  14. Taking you at your word for that (can't outwardly endorse it, that's not something I recall reading about, but I digress), the key element here is the placement of the foot. If the pivot changes, it should be recognizable because it should be in the same place where the old pivot used to be.

  15. I think everybody just needs to chill and remember that the most important thing is the spirit of the rule. You are not supposed to gain an advantage by the reset. You need to make sure that your opponent is comfortable with where they are and that the same relative positions are given prior to restart. Absolute position does not matter enough to get wrapped around an axel.

  16. That's exactly my point. The spirit of the rule indicates no advantage to be taken. Changing your pivot is exactly that. That's why somebody would attempt to in the first place

  17. Is anyone upset about him not renewing his membership?

  18. Probably the opposite given the tribal nature. If this bothers him, we're better off without him, right guys, gals, and everybody in between!?

  19. if groups aren’t real, then neither are multicellular organisms (individuals)

  20. This is what people don't get. If someone has cheated in literally every single other game of their career, that has no relevance as to whether they'll cheat in their next game. People who think so are naive and should read up about skepticism and Rene Descartes.

  21. I recommend patients have a family member or friend go to a thrift store because the process is terribly inefficient. Usually my assumption is by the time the equipment arrives they won't even need it anymore.

  22. Don’t know why people want to trade saquon, you don’t let talent like him get away, they need to work out a reasonable new contract and soon

  23. Why can't we just make all guns so powerful that they are guaranteed to shoot out of orbit if the target is missed?

  24. I've said it before and I'll say it again: This "feature" should have never been implemented in the first place.

  25. Then they should leak every cheating admission of all titled players.

  26. What makes you think the other titled players haven't held up to their end of their respective agreements?

  27. I just checked and the Bills have less cap space than we do. With only 2.3MM in space, they can't make a trade unless they send back a player or players of value. But we really shouldn't be taking on additional cap.

  28. He’s done interviews where he goes into some depth. I believe he identifies critical moments by finding moments where only one move works. And he can also identify when a shallow engine depth will find a seemingly good but actually losing move that a GM might be expected to play but a deep engine depth will find the only winning move. If a player is consistently finding those deep moves then it doesn’t take a very large sample size before you can infer that they’re cheating.

  29. My guess is more related to the environments of the tournaments themselves. Some places would be more conducive than others.

  30. They do, you just don't have enough clout to see it.

  31. Also read that his hip surgery in the off season before we signed him doesn't lend to as full recoveries as other surgeries.

  32. Unfortunately i agree. I remember Flowers being this exact same way at the beginning. I'm praying that's not the case. I want him to thrive so badly

  33. AT was trying to weld the titanic back together last night. It’s nice to at least have 1 piece in place but my lord that interior OL is even worse than I expected coming into the season, and I only expected “meh”

  34. And by the time this team sniffs a playoff spot his rookie contract will be up =(

  35. I really dont get this billions to build a stadium and they get so much from psl and tickets, players paid In millons and they just Will not fix this with half of our team being injured all year.

  36. Here comes that familiar slide. First we'll be .500 and then we're looking at high draft capital. And they'll be busts.

  37. That was always the trajectory. We got to enjoy two wins, but both looked terrible and one only happened because the titans missed the FG.

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