1. No shit Sherlock. Ulquiorra defo killed Ichigo there and then. There's no 2 ways around that fact. If not for White, our MC would be dead.

  2. White is melded to his shinigami power. He acts as an asauchi to his sword

  3. Ulquorra and Starrk. Those two got the most impactful deaths out of all the Espada. Aaroniero, Zommari, and Szayel just served their purpose as antagonists, Baraggan hit closer to home when he just wanted to kill the man that humiliated him. Nnoitra's motivation to become the strongest hits, but is kind of canceled out by his overall character being terrible. But the way those two learn, especially with Starrk only really getting fleshed out within the span of his fight, it was sad for me to see them both go.

  4. Yea it will be very interesting if kubo start to write the hell arc .Like Szayel was reborn Ukitake was reborn so does it mean that other characters can too?If someday we get to see what happens next it will be very interesting

  5. Too bad none of them do anything important aside from the mc

  6. true i really like kyouraku bankai and urahara will give so much hype they will just blow the internet and not to forget the others bankai's we will see can't wait to be animated

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