1. Nah. Citrus do acknowledged what is bad, which is bunch of kids needed saving. some may not get big enough punishment but they actually redeemed

  2. Not gonna start a war, but, in retrospect, I get why Senpai kept her around despite it all.

  3. Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage 3

  4. The first couple were good, but at some point the "Guy finds alien artifact. Deceptions try to get/activate said artifact. Autobots must stop them." Loop gets pretty boring

  5. Eh. The second is pretty meh, and The 4th was the best though. Plenty room to improve but it was most interesting of then all. It have the ground, With some fix it honestly can be something spectacular

  6. shit story, trash character, garbage writing

  7. Trust me. Awakening chest does not have dark black shading on it. Also shf doesn't use this absurd amount of plastic wrap.

  8. no, the tail and wing doesnt match

  9. Yes but they were parodies or gags throwaways if you will. Cure infini was its own thing and a build up for the final battle it established that they could make other people cures

  10. *Insert incredibles meme with texts "Cure is cure" here*

  11. Damn, then i hate Hanyuu, that's extremely selfish.

  12. take in mind that this is a "should have". but they decide to not keep that in the final. So it actually never happen. Probably because it probably make her less likeable. hurt the merchandise sell.

  13. i saw this artist with some shitpost me_irl type of post before, never see NTR

  14. Forever Red is fun, ngl. I mean it have 10 red ranger. It was hype af. But honestly there just not much going on, they leave the other member and only take Cole for no reason, going this mission and have a fight, end. Cole randomly "Wow, greatest ranger ever" over Tommy despite he barely interact and not even the one he fight alongside with in the battle just seem like a dialog randomly written by fanfic right there.

  15. Ever watched sherlock. For a long time the ship between watson and sherlock was the most popular ship on tumblr and the fanfic platforms. But it still went knowwhere.

  16. while it is the same dynamic that i immediately think of when i look at this two, i dont see how Sherlock ever do that to begin with. To me it is one of these ship that fan crazy about but dont have back up in canon, Wednesday have (Then again, i never see CBoyDCT so maybe i dont know how yaoi subtext would be like, but in my experiment, honestly SherlockWaton have less than lot of shounen manga's duo)

  17. Wild Force is most, but may also quite far from it's Japan counterpart. On one hand the season adapt most of the event of Gaoranger which one may think it is mostly 1:1 adaption, but change some stuff which change the core value behind these plot line.

  18. what Shinkenger did with it themes that interesting again ?

  19. For starter, not anyone that is a teenager with attitude. Like come on, there are character with actual better background.

  20. No, none of this IDW nonsense. New transformers are built and the matrix brings them to life. Cybertron is irrelevant to that.

  21. still apply for the most part, war is expensive and most story there are no longer new born. isnt the great war is already the end of peak Cybetron population, no ? and it still going on for thoudsand of years ? there gonna are no manpower for that

  22. What manpower do you need, exactly? Deceptions control Cybertron and what few Autobots remain are fighting a guerrilla resistance. That situation can go on for ages. On Earth, there weren't that many Deceptions and they spent the whole time trying to find enough energy to survive and get home, as do the Autobots.

  23. Manpower, literary. As in most entries, most cant make newborn anymore. Let take the bay ver as example. the Matrix have been lost for age as the opening scene said. The war keep up for millions of years ? it was likely just a cool number to make the scale feel big the writers think of back in the day. It doesnt sound plausible.

  24. that why i like Iron factory and MFT. they are minimalist and lot of their figure can get both and the transformation is really short.

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