1. So OP is the journalist that make these article, new base on 1 reddit post of some random stranger in the internet ?

  2. My first question is : How is the lycoris still alive after getting hit by the car ? She should be dead before she can even understand the situation

  3. You not go down right aways, and depend on where you hit, like not your head and what not, people can surive car crash too

  4. What right do they have to set these “ends”? What happens when the “means” do the exact opposite and invite people like Majima? And I’m sorry, but child death squads on any scale, especially DA, is evil - so is executing criminals without due process (it’s fine in self defense or defense of others, but as we saw in the first episode when Takina was about to shoot a guy for what she thought was drug dealing that’s clearly not all Lycoris do). Do they have their reasoning? Yeah, just like Majima has his. That “greater good” you’re talking about? THAT’S what Majima is doing too by bringing it all out into the open and trying to force accountability on DA for once, but neither you nor I have any problem calling him evil.

  5. listen ! it is should be countutines exist or not is another topic.

  6. his won't be right if he die before his father

  7. There is not enough content for a Season 3 yet, they just finished Volume 10. A season is 4 volumes and Season 2 is from Volume 5 to 8.

  8. After announce, you know it can wait. Maybe next year. Don't need to come out right after last episode ends. The are anime that are announced got adaption like when the manga just started, it have been 3 years since, I still waiting XD

  9. I haven’t read this.. first kiss after.. 285 chapters?

  10. don't worry. this have many couple.

  11. "Otome no Teikoku" or Virgins' Empire

  12. Did Kaio got a wife ? weird Dragon ball spin off

  13. Aside from Goku and his bitch, i mean rival, kid Goku met new girl like every 1 or 2 arc

  14. maybe don't say "what else there is to tell" at the beginning of a reply to someone asking for context. o your romance addicted mind it may be obvious and "meta", but not everyone is the same as yourself. Say the context without making the person you are talking to look stupid, doing so will only come off as very rude.

  15. Meta is the reaction of the guy to the even, which make it me_irl.

  16. knife is more convenient say who ? sound like the most nessesasry shit ever. why don't u just eat with a scissor then. Just use your fork and mouth like normal people

  17. you comsume media mostly target male audience.

  18. How did this guy completely change direction like that without losing momentum? Tf

  19. not sure if this is it, but there are some change on some server on Northstar that make you go extra fast. this look like that. in fact you have to make turn, press W you lost that momentum of that mechanic

  20. and it seem like i can recognise scene from that movie too. So i already watch it. But still still can't recall ever see this scene

  21. i watch the movie, and i don't recall ever see this scene before. unless there are more than 1 movie

  22. she skin infant baby alive for breathfast

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