1. I was kinda apathetic towards her when she was introduced, then started to like her in that Ava's birthday episode, but the whole Kope thing was kinda weird

  2. Constantine’s short 2014 series was fantastic. But I’d love to see him in anything, I doubt it’d be Matt Ryan, unfortunately

  3. Only because him physically is associated with the Arrowverse rendition of the character. Any other universe where he physically plays Constantine will cause “confusion” as they say. He does do the DCAU voice for the character. I met Matt at a comic con a few months ago and he said he’s got a bunch of theater and other projects so from that alone it’s unlikely

  4. You called me all the way from Midgard to show this measly tool? Does this look like Mjolnir to you? You are gonna regret this mortal.

  5. The is cursed. If Springtrap ever found out what today’s internet users do I think this will make him wish he never came back. Either this person who made the art knows nothing of the lore or does not care.

  6. Yeah but they make techno some kind of masquerading anarchist. Wait. But aside that, his skin is a pig in a crown

  7. Isn't that what he was on dream smp? But some people draw him as this prince without a kingdom that got crossbred with a hog. He's just a man with a pig head and a very nice costume and crown.

  8. For some reason, she remains in the bathroom and spooks everyone. I think she didn't have any proper conversation with anyone before meeting Harry and his friends

  9. Iron spider from ultimate spider-man had a hud. Though it was given to Amadeus Cho. It was more like an iron man suit. It had repulsors, and mask retraction like an iron man helmet.

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