1. The new engine is on the horizon (possibly 2024) and it is expected to feature an electric component (most likely a hybrid powertrain), but the base engine will still very much be gas powered. So to put it simply, chill.

  2. Ah yes, ignoring a concussion and brain damage is bad ass.

  3. 30 years ago we knew so little about concussions, it’s literally what all athletes did. Doesn’t make it right, but they legitimately just didn’t know.

  4. Hate to tell you this but 30 years ago we did know about concussions, that’s why medical professionals told Ricky Craven to stop racing.

  5. I remember someone said it was just an entire podcast of Rick Houston patting himself on the back. Thought that summed it up pretty well.

  6. Harvick really hit his strides when he moved over to SHR with Rodney Childers in 2014. Looking back, he definitely made the right move to get out of RCR. RCR hasn't been the same since he left them.

  7. I personally think Childers is the second best crew chief this century behind only Knaus. Rodney routinely put fast cars under guys like Riggs and Vickers without much to show for it. Him and Harvick getting together was a match made in heaven.

  8. There is no Dirty Mo Media without Mike Davis. Sure he can be annoying from time to time, but we really need to appreciate all the great content he makes possible.

  9. Menards uses their sponsorship as B2B.

  10. His progression has been really cool. Watched him race on the 1/4 mile at Atlanta in a black #24 legend car all them years and win a lot of races. Kinda gave up on him making it to the top 3 series after so many years. Needless to say it's been really cool to see him have the success he's had.

  11. Wait did he ever have long hair when he was younger? I watched legends race at Lanier in 08 and distinctly remember a black 24 car get spun at the end and a blonde kid with longish hair got out super mad.

  12. Blaney and Tide. Not for any special reason beyond just that I think a Tide #12 would look awesome.

  13. Tide has done a lot of B2B stuff through Menards and have been on Paul’s car in the past so it eventually could happen for Blaney.

  14. Dude he blew a .00 and she was on meth. This isn’t murder

  15. Ryan Holman is the self proclaimed smartest man alive.

  16. Jesse Iwuji pretending to be an Xfinity driver each week is pretty out of place. But for real I recently saw that Kyle Busch and Joey Logano were on WWE Raw a long time ago, and it was incredibly awkward

  17. I'm an hour west of the track. it poured for about 20 minutes now its bright and sunny.

  18. “Blow out of proportion” LMAO y’all are so butthurt when media reports on things.

  19. I heard a rumor somewhere that after Dale died, Childress wanted Harvicks number to be 2.9 with a Dale decal as the decimal.

  20. 29 was chosen because it was the next number available not owned by anyone else

  21. Okay I know they’ve been around for awhile but I still don’t understand NFTs. Can someone ELI5?

  22. Bubba Wallace, the man who has less talent every single race even though he’s supposedly getting better he’s running his goddamn mouth more than necessary

  23. I mean he just finished 2nd in the 500 but okay

  24. I got a PS2 on Christmas 2005 and got NASCAR 06 with it. When I say I played that game to death I’m not kidding.

  25. If it’s a questionable back marker entry, Yeley will drive it at some point.

  26. Go look at the Stewart Haas cars at Talladega in the fall in 2018,

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