1. >every time a stranger shoves their crotch in my face

  2. It's one of the most bannable offenses, little guy.

  3. I'm fairly certain it'll come inside the box detached from the headset, like the charger and stuff. It would make sense considering it's supposed to be a VR/AR device so having a detached interface allows for some peripheral vision in the AR sides of things.

  4. They did the unboxing, and I haven't seen an interface....and in all the leaked photos there isn't one either. Got me a lil confused.

  5. I've seen the unboxing video too. In the beginning of the video it looks like there's another box inside the main box. It's about as thick as the controllers so it'd be big enough to house a facial interface, charger, and all the other accessories needed.

  6. Maybe..I guess we will just have to wait and see. Just seems off to me. Lol

  7. Yeah....fleet vehicles and similar usually don't have spares. This isn't uncommon.

  8. Not trying to be an ass or funny...but your 171 stops looks alot different than my 171 stops. What I mean is, my van would be straight stuffed.

  9. They stuffed my totes with a bunch of envelopes and plastic bags. Which was clutch asf

  10. Our grouped stops are getting insane. my average route will be 170-180 stops with around 400 packages.

  11. They have been stuffing the seams off our totes too, and still my van will be straight packed...and I drive CDV.

  12. I'm having a hard time understanding why the refusal of the package tho.... I would be too curious what it was. Could have been something of sentiment, but on other hand, it could have just been a candy bar. Who knows....I'd still wonder. It was already paid for, and could still be returned....

  13. Regardless, sorry ya had to go thru that. Shitty. :/

  14. It was a bunch of toilet paper, she was adamant about not taking the package though

  15. Soooo weird. I was literally gonna say toilet paper, but I went with candy bar instead for my example. Lol.

  16. He LET him bring his litter. HE is the one who knocks.

  17. One of my regular stops has 2 of them. Lol. And they do exactly this.

  18. It's definitely a "trend" of some sort, especially in Echo Arena, but for me it's not really about the trend - it's more about being able to use my usual and simple name without making it look obnoxious.

  19. Oh, I get it. "Exiled- or Exiled_" looks way better than Exiled76583. Lol

  20. I just asked a question. You will be amazed of how much excuses children can make

  21. Oh, I know. I've just heard this far too often in game...For some odd reason, alot of people think cherry picking means sitting on the Goalie constantly stunning him/her.

  22. Yea true but it's pretty fun just going around punching anyone within ten feet of you, especially when there's a guy who rages

  23. Tbf, I never said it's not fun or that it's pointless. Lol. Just that it's not a "position". I hear alot of people say "I'm a bruiser" when asking their position. Like, no.... u are a (insert actual position) that likes to stun. Lol

  24. A year later and the same shit is still happening in Echo. Most players are ass and don't play as a team. Match making is still shitty. 90% of matches are uneven. It's even more toxic than ever. It was fun when it first came out.

  25. It's still fun if you play with the right people. Just stop solo queueing in pubs and u will be fine. So, at very least, u have 1 teammate to play properly with. Solo queue just, well, sucks.

  26. Your owners will pocket that shit and increase route sizes. I guarantee it.

  27. If our routes get any bigger than they have lately, the rescuers rescuing the rescuers will need rescues.

  28. He is, he tries to make sure that we’re all good since he knows how much Amazon likes to overwork us with insane amount of packages and stops

  29. My dsp's owner was at same convention, and he's been telling us all the same stuff. He said today we will be seeing "significant pay rate increases very soon"..as well as 401k, tuition reimbursement, etc.

  30. My son lost all his games and it changed his profile name. Wtf

  31. Ur like me over there. Lol. I have 3 CV1's, 2 Q2's, Reverb G2, Rift S, and a Pimax 5k.

  32. Also, for the sake of your hands, controllers, PC, etc....get a playspace mat, like a Proximat.

  33. I straight up uninstalled my ceiling fan lol. I have some small portable fan now on the ground.

  34. Yeah....my was faulty as well, so I Uninstalled. Lol

  35. Wont stop until you tell them “hey, these texts aren’t going to make me any quicker. Either send me positive texts or encouraging me or don’t text me at all. There are things I can control on the road”

  36. Right. Lol. Like, send me a rescue and shut the hell up.

  37. Damn no. Ive never recieved a message like that nor have heard of any dispatcher doing this.

  38. Really happy to see this spotlight. Hope it encourages more people to try the game.

  39. I can send u an invite for Beta testing, if u want.

  40. Dammit. This is the game ive been most excited about. 😕

  41. 2 weekes? Shit. I woulda given THEM 2 HOURS notice that they need to come get their van and packages.

  42. I mean....have u seen one thats NOT broken? Lol

  43. Yes. Not much of a choice, really. Try a copper fit type brace or similar during day, then ice it 2-3 times a day for about 20min.

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