1. That Belt with the Crawford boost is good card. Giants need more lefty killers for the theme team though

  2. You should be buying the flash sale content right when it drops and then sit on it for a couple of days

  3. This game is absolutely rigged in showdown, conquest and moments.

  4. This might be your internet, I’ve had lag outs in a few co-op games but I can’t remember a freeze off in co-op and I’ve got like 30-40 games played, a lot against Gibson too

  5. Why do they continue to shit on Willie Mays? They need to bring back the milestone Willie Mays from 21

  6. They really did BUT he’s an insane card with the Crawford boost

  7. Ugh future stars is always just boring to me. Would rather have legends, half these guys don’t even become gold players in the big leagues

  8. Well luckily we are getting like 1 million other cards today that aren’t future stars so maybe don’t be a doomer

  9. Where are all the "UGH 99S DAY 1 GAME RUINED UGH" cause none of these are 99 lmao

  10. This pack is going to be better than anything else we get tomorrow besides Set 2 Collection, been waiting a few years for an early good Willie card

  11. Selling duplicate Diamonds I no longer need Columbo. Got an Ohtani and sold his duplicate for a few top teir set 1 cards last night. See how that works? Any LS cards i get at this point I just sell.

  12. Calls a guy Columbo, when the real answer here is to just sell everything off anyways.

  13. See I was going to buy Griffey last night but then I was like “wait why bother” cause the s2 inning boss could be mickey mantle or something and then his price will tank.

  14. Plus Griffey is Charisma which we already have a million of so he probably won’t be necessary for a Charisma Voucher.

  15. All the stubs you want, all you gotta do is some basic math.

  16. I think it’s more the entering buy and sell orders in mind numbing fashion that people say “fuck it” for. I’ve flipped for stubs, did it last year to help for Randy. That shit sucked ass even if I was profiting

  17. Guys, look at the subject matter of what you’re going back and forth over with 1000 word responses. Just move on lol

  18. Just one more thing I need to get off my chest. For all the Griffey Jr. die hard a … if you are under the age of 38, you have no idea how friggin awesome Griffey was.

  19. Lol yeah I’m sure so many kids today want to be Japanese just like Shohei. Not just an insane generational athlete that they want to play like..

  20. You can earn 10K in less than an hour by flipping the market. I play offline only so flipping is how I make nearly all my stubs.

  21. Flipping is not playing the game, it’s just an advantageous work-around but literally everyone would rather just use actual gameplay to make their stubs if that was the most efficient.

  22. Did you reply to a guy saying "find the cards you like and enjoy the game" with "play H2H with stock MLB teams"??? How does that even make sense to you when you typed it?

  23. Uhhh, yeah I did. Maybe if you read just 2 seconds longer where I say that the grind and payoff IS the fun for a lot of people. If we didn’t give a shit about the grind and team building we would all be playing stock team h2h. Since you need the clarification

  24. In the last I would grind to improve my team for ranked - but the ranked program hands out the rewards after 15 games - win or lose.

  25. This is it right here. It was always grind to get a better team, better advantage. It’s not needed this year so it all feels hollow. It starts to feel like a chore when there’s no real payoff.

  26. Guys set 2 isn’t even out yet. Probably a good guess that there will be 6 sets. We are only 1/6th of the way through. There will be plenty of more content.

  27. Every time a new Set starts, it will coincide with a new ranked season and set collection with really juiced cards. That’s sick.

  28. That’s only if you feel like you have to play with all 99s. It’s perfectly possible to do good and play with free 97s. Not everyone wants to have the best possible god squad. Like me personally, I just want to play with cardinal players and I still win ranked seasons with them. The game feeling stale 2 weeks after the drop kinda tells me you don’t enjoy this game in general and would only have fun playing with all 99s all the time. Not trying to say thats a knock on you or anything. Different strokes for different blokes

  29. Nah that’s not it at all, I find the fun in this game to be seeing my team get better the more work I put in, gaining advantages by grinding. They’ve taken that away this year. Randy last year was 100% worth having, absolutely an advantage and the best pitcher in the game. Jeter this year is barely a top 3 SS 5 weeks into the game cycle. This is what people mean when they say the content is bad.

  30. Oh, I hear you. I come from Madden, and the theme teamers are always complaining. SDS invited this by starting the theme team parade this year. It's their first try, so I'm sure they will be informed of the imbalances.

  31. Yup same here, got sick of working my ass off to build the 49ers theme team and then I just go against a legends team with 6’8 receivers. But I feel like it would be so easy for SDS to keep track of trying to give every team a baseline of players before making 1 or 2 teams stacked. Especially when it’s only 14 batters, 10 pitchers opposed to Maddens 50.

  32. Yeah, but they are also making the team bonuses different, which is unique. Like I say in the picture caption, the Pirates' theme team boosts range from good (Speed, Power vs. LHP) to not as good (Contact vs. LHP). In a RHP meta, they're really not that effective. I was hoping for Clutch instead of the Contact vs. LHP. I'm wondering if SDS will alter these boosts as time goes on.

  33. Yeah I totally get that but even without boosts it’s all decent to really good cards on your Pirates team. SDS isn’t including previous teams, so it should be much easier to for them to lay out what cards they plan on dropping, which stats they will have and then work the Captain around it.

  34. Man what are you saying. Are you really trying to tell me these cards arent end game? The 99 Ricky this year has the exact same stats as his end game card last year along with the Francisco lindor card is almost the exact same as his Finest card last year. Same thing with the Devin Williams. These are end game cards we are getting in April

  35. Yes that is exactly what I’m saying. And even if SDS is giving out endgame versions now, what’s wrong with some guys getting top tier versions of their cards early in the year?

  36. It’s always been grindy. There ARE 99’s flooding the market for 30k, 70k.. just because the rare round of choice packs are still pricey doesn’t mean this system isn’t better. There should be cards that people who have played the game a ton more have easier access to. That’s just how it is.

  37. I mean it absolutely is true that it ruins the journey. The journey is playing with golds and low diamonds and then progressing all the way up to 99s. Now we are at 95s to 99s and it’ll basically be that or 99s only the rest of the season. The game plays different with gold cards as it does 99s. We don’t even get that part of the journey anymore.

  38. People don’t want to waste time. Having 3 versions of a card that die 2 months in is not a journey. It’s a time dump, and it kills the game for a lot of casual players.

  39. My biggest gripe is still the high overall starting point. Most of the joy in DD for me is the journey, not necessarily the destination. The journey is now boring since it’s all 95+ and will be for the entire season.

  40. It’s just a number in the top right corner that you can’t get over. We are still going to get better and better cards as the year goes.

  41. Lol meanwhile no other theme team is even halfway decent competitively yet

  42. Warriors fans are definitely scared. It really feels like they look at the Kings as an obstacle rather than a threat.

  43. I'll admit, there were one or two plays were curry probably shoulda gotten an and 1, but you guys got away with stuff too early in the game and overall I think the officiating was even. And to call Monk a foul merchant is ridiculous lol

  44. Not to mention Dray literally holding Sabonis leg and falling back on him that last series before Wiggs missed. Also, maybe if the Warriors could have actually stayed in front of Monk or Fox in game one at all, they wouldn’t have put so much pressure on them at the foul line.

  45. God forbid someone is proud of themselves, there’s always a shitter like you just lingering

  46. He’s batting 350 it isn’t even good for the 19 at bats lmao. Always a pathetic white knight like yourself standing up for a nobody on the internet because you don’t have the spine to do it in real life.

  47. You’re a dumbass both on the internet and in real life

  48. “We’ve found these captains aren’t being used as frequently as we’d like”

  49. How many hours do you have in the game so far

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