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  1. 1 hour north of Pittsburgh bud. Rain is supposed to roll in right around 10 then quit at 2. Are you guys getting rain all day?

  2. That’s funny, I’m over in Beaver County. I’ll be climbing a tree this afternoon for my opening day. Best of luck to you!

  3. My rule of thumb: Shoot the first legal thing to walk by unless you can afford to wait on meat or have been hunting for 20+ years.

  4. I’m one of that 1%. I’m trying to do everything before the erdtree gets lit so I can 100% the game in one playthrough. Haven’t played in a while though because work.

  5. This Album is going to be the deciding factor if I get a death bat tatted or not 💀

  6. Check out Whitetail Habitat Solutions on YouTube. Great channel with great info for land management specifically for bucks.

  7. I would’ve jumped out of the stand and rambo the shit out of that deer lol in all seriousness though, a shooter all day.

  8. Holy fuck can those dudes over there make incredible guitars. That spalted one is just unreal.

  9. I was in elementary school and grinded through the Elite 4 until my Typhlosion was level 100 in Pokemom Gold. I was so proud of getting him to 100. My older sister asked to take my GameBoy and game to school for the day to show off to her friends or to fit in or something. Anywho, she started a new game and I lost that dude forever. All that time wasted.

  10. If you get your migratory game bird license you can hunt doves, you’ll have a blast shooting them. Check out

  11. There’s a managed field near me so I’m thinking I’ll get my license and get out the tomorrow morning. Thanks for the recommendation!

  12. Brady’s Run used to have a lottery to hunt there, in provided blinds. I’m not sure if they still do. That wouldn’t be until later in the fall either way.

  13. They do a hunt every November. I think you just gotta pay a few bucks and show up. I looked into it last year but didn’t go, probably will this year though.

  14. I got first round a few weeks ago. Confirmed second round but still waiting for the pink envelope. Beaver County Treasurer.

  15. I know he’s probably too old but I would love to see Adam Driver as Murtagh.

  16. Their greatest song ever written is A Little Piece of Heaven but my favorite song bounces around depending on mood and point in life.

  17. 2015-2019 2MARDIV, 2/2, 1st Civ Div, 3/25 if my fat ass keeps working out like I am

  18. 5B sells out pretty quick, 4A on the other hand I could get 6 doe tags in October

  19. 2B and usually 2A are like that, but 1A goes quick which makes sense. There’s more rural land, public land, and hunters. On the game lands I see a few big bucks but TONS of does.

  20. The biggest thing is getting Doe tags for 1A before the sell out in an instant.

  21. Anyone have any clue when the next one is coming out? After trashed and scattered I mean

  22. This has nothing to do with this sub, but I love seeing it. I’m a crayon eater and this tickles my soul every time I see it.

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