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  1. looks like there's 2 in existence already, you wouldn't happen to have a steam name jinxx would you?

  2. So you don't get prime status for getting your account to a certain level anymore?

  3. I got prime right before they did that, like a few hours before

  4. play on servers where your language isn't spoken, don't understand what they're saying, profit


  6. Porn IS bad but this is over the top

  7. Don’t worry. Us, level 100 Morbheads, would never fall for such a thing.

  8. holy shit you've posted half of the stuff on the subreddit

  9. Morbhaps i added my fair share

  10. HOI4 fanboys, some of us just like to wipe out entire families for a small disagreement play crusader kings

  11. Crusader Kings is almost as bad it's just that the mods on the subreddit here do a fantastic job of keeping them away. There are a lot of other corners of the internet where it gets gross.

  12. We all know what’s gonna happen, whenever war owl makes a video on a problem with a game, an update coincidentally comes out very soon after

  13. my birthday too! maybe I should open a case...

  14. Unironically though I think the mercs would make for good Fortnite skins. The art style is similar enough and they would fit in better than some of the skins that are actually in the game.

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