1. I'm late to this but this looks incredible! and the helmets especially are so impressive!

  2. Props to you for making your own helmet with accessories and not just using Monumental head like i do. Nice work! What wear do the legs belong to? They don't seem familiar to me and the do look kinda cool.

  3. If I want to post on both subreddits should i crosspost or make seperate posts for each one instead? just asking to avoid any confusion

  4. I also want to ask: should i continue to crosspost or make seperate posts each instead?

  5. Is that the GUTS Sparklence from Ultraman Trigger(was that it's name)?

  6. If you're specifically looking for shows in which the protagonist transforms to become a hero then the genre would be called "Henshin Hero" I think. I'd say the currently most known western ones would be Power Rangers and Miraculous. Japan has a way bigger range with franchises like Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Ultraman and many more shows, both concluded and currently airing. Just searching Henshin Hero on google should show you what you're looking for.

  7. I just saw it. I wouldn't have noticed that if you didn't point it out so thanks.

  8. Yo that's actually really good!..... So when is Don Onitaijin?

  9. I might actually be able to do that, but the different legs might be a problem

  10. He looks cool! I think he'd be better served by some better screenshots, although that one under the sun is pretty fun. Do you know about the custom camera? (hit BACK/"End" key).

  11. Hey thank you! Yes I have and did actually use it. I just haven't done a lot of screenshots so I'm not that confident with positioning it yet but i'll try to improve!

  12. After thinking about it for a bit, this does seem kinda obvious. Thank you

  13. The helmets look perfect! Also is it just me or is there an increase in tokusatsu related fashion lately?

  14. Yeah! DX region device is everything i could have wished for in a scratch and it was worth waiting for it!

  15. Amazing! What are the remaining pieces though? Like the layered wear and other accessories

  16. So the outfit is HUcast Replica and the helmet is Monumental Head. The accessories are Hero Scarf, DX Region Device, Leg Scarf: Red and Toyish Square Earring (for the little gem on the forehead). I also have Effect Thrusters on the back but you can't see it in the Image

  17. Finally, HENSHIN is now realized!

  18. Wish the Transform poses were in global though. I'd say maybe in the future, but probably not.

  19. Okay so i think 200 million meseta is a bit too much for me, maybe if it comes back in NGS i'll get it.

  20. If you end up using a gunblade, I reccomend Zenopose 1. It's got this kinda "En guarde" feel to it.

  21. Zeno Pose looks great! I'll see if i can get it before gunblade comes.

  22. I know there is a chat command to freeze frame any part of an emote. Just forgot what it was.

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