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  1. The business practices of Amazon and the DSP’s are absolutely baffling and am so glad that tragic part of my life is over. For instance, while out on my route the sliding door came off its track and was unable to be placed back on. Then I had to notify my supervisor of this. This knucklehead decided to send another delivery driver to swap vans with me rather than sending a tow truck. He instructed the other driver to bunjee cord this door somehow and drive it all the way back to the warehouse area. A 50+ minute drive on an interstate! Not the safest or wisest move! So, on my last day I laid in to the owner of the DSP I worked for. How can someone be so irresponsible to allow someone to drive with a massive steel door bunjee tied, thus putting other motorists at risk??

  2. I feel like plenty of people have heard the name, but just might not realize it. Her name is apart of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck.

  3. Von was a talented artist no doubt about it, but y’all act like he is the end all be all of Chicago Drill music. Without some of the earlier legends who paved the way in Chicago Drill there would be no Von. It seems like many people just settle on Von because he kinda went more mainstream than most…but there are many more Chicago rappers who get pushed to the shadows and do not receive the recognition they deserve.

  4. Apparently, that’s how things are done with most agencies in the UK. They do two day shifts, two middle shifts, two night shifts, and then four days off before repeating. How in the hell they do it, I don’t know. That is horrible for both your physical and mental health.

  5. Yeah, I agree. It is absolutely ridiculous that some agency’s still do this. My previous agency had us rotating every 28 days from day/night shifts and it was nearly impossibly to get used to, even after nearly a decade.

  6. It might not sit right with you, but the sad reality is that the way he went out is exactly how he lived. He was a real street dude who died fighting.

  7. Had to GTFO of the LEO world for a bit back in February after my mental health took a nose dive. People don’t really realize, but the sheer amount of mental stress most first responders deal with on a daily basis is definitely something that changes you if you’re not careful. Always make time for your mental health!

  8. This is absolutely 100% not obsidian, but rather slag glass. Still nice to look at though

  9. Honestly this cop is terrifying.. you cant rip someone out of their car and just say "we have warrants, i will show them once i arrest you" and i thought american cops were vague and scary

  10. Uh… yeah? A warrant means that you’ve committed a crime and you need to be arrested. What do you want them to do, just stand there and wait for you to get out of your car for six hours?

  11. This shit is ridiculous. If people would be rational and simply comply with very simple instructions then 99.99% of unfavorable police interactions could be avoided. People bring this shit upon themselves in most cases.

  12. You can remove someone from a vehicle if they are not complying with your instructions to step out of the vehicle where the warrants can be further discussed. Having a discussion with an individual who is seated inside a vehicle is extremely unsafe as you can not fully see where hands might be, what weapons they might have, etc…so, before you say you can’t remove someone from a vehicle perhaps you need to better understand how policing works.

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