1. Oh you played our horrible game for 1000 days? Here's 100cc! We hope you continue to enjoy Dragon Ball Legends.

  2. Bro all y’all commenting about how 100 is a lot imagine hm he prolly spent: I’ve spent over a thousand easy. Unfortunately it was a waste because I just get shafted always. Not my fault and it makes me want to quit and at least get a good portion of it back. I offered to sell mine for 500 and I’m missing all the ultras except sbkk goku and the newest LFs.

  3. Someone needs to edit a beard onto this art cause he is quite literally THE OLDEST SPARKING

  4. Facts I remember getting him and being hyped to have the first sparking.

  5. Corny. All u did was dodge attack dodge bash and feint your unblockable

  6. hey man i hate to bring bad news but even a 100% complete account, all 14 star lfs n shit is not worth even 200$. the game just doesnt have that kind of monetary worth. Im guessing youre not a mega ultra whale like Goresh or someone of that calibre so at most you could get 20-30$ but you dont even have beast so probably less tbh

  7. I appreciate and respect how u feel. But I’ve spent bread I should’ve never spent on this game many times over. Maybe not a lot to some people but it was a lot for me. I’d shell out 3-400$ on a banner just to get one copy of a card that became almost useless in two weeks because I couldn’t pull him till I got paid. I’ve done that for UI gogeta and broly LF black rose and those are only the ones I got after spending that much bread. The rest I got while spending bread on other banners after they were already ass. So respectfully asking for a mere fraction of what I got isn’t wrong. If u disagree then u can simply go on about your day. No need to comment or be extra. I hope someone will agree to my terms and if they do great if not then fuck it🤷🏽‍♂️

  8. Yo I literally went thru almost a 2 full rotations and haven’t gotten one copy of any of the new characters. I only have pan from the login at 2 stars. I look at the rates and I had twice the chance to pull piccolo or pan. Same rates as an LF some of the trash spankings I got.. this game is TERRIBLE

  9. I think they just gave up on the legends road characters. Unfortunate

  10. Yeah unfortunately. Why make a broken character or even a halfway decent character that everyone has access too

  11. But there are a lot of them right, how is it decided who will be best for the zenkai, do you look the meta right now or do you just think his overall kit is in need of the zenkai?

  12. More the latter honestly. I’ve been playing this game since beta was only on adroids and when this unit was dropped he was bad. Now he’s even worse. I just think he’s the best dressed goku out here and his green card can have a lot of utility and a more “fun play style” then the characters they drop nowadays. Do I believe others can use a zenkai before him? Sure

  13. I cant tell ya how many guys choke when i play valk from one or two shoulder pins. Its like it physically damages there thought process

  14. Remember when the shoulder pin drained half your health at for bleed damage and was chainable into sweep?😫

  15. As annoying as this is to come across let’s just admit it takes skill to do this perfectly. The ones who feed revenge are ass. That’s how a gank should be executed imo. But I get stuck with teammates who feed revenge constantly.

  16. Dude number 8 is still pretty close. U know how many games I can think of better then this one

  17. I can almost never parry Medjay. I can parry most other characters decently but almost NEVER Medjay. The animation throws me off as well and when I try to initiate a parry when the attack symbol flashes it still doesn't parry the attack, especially when it's a heavy (which you'd think would be easier to time, but it doesn't work for me most of the time).

  18. Medjay is strange as a hero. He has some lives which seem way faster than they should be. His forward dodge heavy for example is wardens. U have to almost predict it to parry. Then u got his heavies which are very slow so yeah just try to get used to it. I did

  19. Idk what matches u guys get into or maybe its cuz I have him maxed but the transforming goku black still goes off in my future team. He’s better then the assist for me. The man’s still a combo legend and if u learn to drop combos at the right time he’s a menace entirely

  20. But looking at your star count I’d use the LF. He has a stroke cover change and a really solid green card

  21. With raiders throw to the sides when ur opponent is OS. Also keep in mind highlanders tend to be mostly garbage and like to light light heavy or use that stupid forward dodge heavy to the sides to abuse the hyper armor on it

  22. I always try to use z power only when it will take my unit to the next star up. Otherwise I just save them. ESPECIALLY. LF z power. So check who’s 600 z power away from next lvl and use it

  23. Do you have zenkai super trunks? Might do better than EX super vegeta

  24. No unfortunately not my friend. That ex vegeta actually not as bad as u would think. I almost one shot a ultra gogeta after popping my main ability. It reduces gauge and does 80% damage on special.

  25. Here’s a tip, if you are low on health they’ll most likely go for executions (AKA dodge heavy). The heavy attack comes from the same side they dodge, so: if they dodge left, the heavy is coming from the left;

  26. Probably the best answer I seen so far. But just try and figure ur opponent out as well. A lot of trash players will do the same attacks. A good player will try to play mind games with u so if the did a dodge heavy before a dodge light may be coming up. Or you can light them out of the attack if u have a character with a huge hit box. Orrrr even better just use hyper armor or aramusha blade blockade recovery works very well. Just light wait for them to dodge and then blade blockade recovery cancel and punish them

  27. This zenkai sounds very mid honestly. Get a dragon ball and more ultimate damage? No nullify endurance or nullify cover change? I’m tired of dropping combos just to get predicted.

  28. That’s what I been saying about kefla she’s highly underrated and still a beast

  29. She’s aged well considering she has almost nothing that the new characters have. Plus that feint on her ultimate be clutchh

  30. You’re the only person to agree with me on that I wish you the best luck in future summons

  31. Well I’m almost at 1,000 cc and I’ve been shafted like 4 times already so hopefully that plus your luck u just wished me will be enough😂. I’m manifesting an ultra vegito pull

  32. I mean u already have vegito.. u were better off not spending on that banner anyways

  33. If u were a bit more patient u would’ve seen his stamina was gone and could’ve parried him. Aside from that the kick was complete bs. Should’ve been ledged. I can have a teammate bash an opponent by a ledge and if I’m anywhere near them I get ledged too

  34. They should add skins to the game that make characters look like dynasty warriors characters

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