1. Lmao, college football super league expansion is doing great

  2. SEC scheduling changes and Georgia somehow getting screwed is a tradition at this point.

  3. I’ve been playing it a lot this spring while listening to the Iliad podcast. Really enjoyable historical mode gameplay for the legend it’s based on

  4. It honestly felt like the 2021 SEC Championship game was the epitome of us never being able to reach the mountaintop.

  5. Yeah and that was close too. I was shocked at how badly that driver’s side A pillar collapsed.

  6. I was at that race sitting in the turn 3 (RIP) Atlanta stands. I had no idea what the hell happened until the replay because that car looked BAD when I saw it on the Jumbotron

  7. "We've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty"

  8. Is this due to the tv deal debacle over November night games?

  9. I am pretty sure we’re the bad guy in a Disney movie at the current time.

  10. Nope, we have a puppy Uga this year. He can't be the bad guy.

  11. Yeah, seems he's about to get a big bump. From what I had read from one OSU "insider," OSU was willing to take Heinrich's commitment even if it meant a 4-star TE from Cleveland Glenville (HS of Troy Smith, Ted Ginn, Marshon Lattimore, etc., etc.) ended up no longer having a spot in the class. That says a lot about how good OSU thinks he is that they were willing to not have a spot available for a 4-star Glenville kid.

  12. According to 247, he has (maybe had now) official visits set up to Alabama, Ohio State, and UNC. He had just OV'd with us, and I bet Hartley threw everything at him to get him to lock it down after that.

  13. Glad to hear this. Loved Smith as a recruit and fooled myself into thinking we could have pulled him from Louisiana.

  14. Lincoln Riley. Pretty sure it’s ‘that bastard out west’

  15. I like Egypt, I’m just nervous they’ll cheap it like Troy.

  16. I made a whole comments saying ‘’maybe’m, but the oldest naval battle was battle of the Delta and was against sea peoples.

  17. The sea peoples conflict is so interesting. I do hope they implement some form of naval supremacy/battle option and not a simple “sea people’s invasion” trigger as an end game resolution

  18. Can we do that thing where someone posts a cool game with stats or points that correspond with the days left?

  19. Last year, TCU had a better season than every team not named Georgia. That's pretty damn impressive.

  20. I agree. I still watch highlights from the 2017 season - just not that last bastard

  21. We did, before he signed, he gave Georgia one chance, because he had it in mind that he wouldn't leave either job. They rushed and fired Richt because they figured he missed his chances at major champions and had trouble in the lockerroom in an otherwise decent season.

  22. Yup, just so happened that the Miami job opened up and it offered a chance with us to part with CMR and for him to head back to his Alma Mater.

  23. That Missouri game makes me feel ill just thinking about it

  24. Greyson Lambert threw a pick on the first play of the game and Missouri returned it to the 1.

  25. Uhhhh I’m sure they have a lot of other graduates.

  26. Acceptance rate for Georgia also has dropped by about 10% over the last few years as well. Football team withstanding, the school came to play school

  27. I think the 2015 Bama rain game, and the Georgia Southern game that year are both in the running for me for worst.

  28. Ah, my senior year of college. Ga Southern was my last ever home game as an undergrad.

  29. RB depth. We had a third string RB healthy for the spring game. The injuries should be healed up for the season, but I always worry about nagging injuries or tweaks into the fall

  30. Who do you have them losing to in that scenario? I just don't see them being able to sneak out 2 wins from Florida/Mizzou/Kentucky.

  31. Funny enough, I think they have a shot to go 2-1 in that stretch. Mostly because they beat Kentucky and Florida last year, and only lost by a FG to Mizzou.

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