2022 Honda Civic Si Out The Door Asking Price… Is this crazy?

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  1. Reconstruction being abandoned in the South post American Civil war

  2. This right here, this is the biggest reason the USA is the way it is. Couple it with Nixon and Reagan and everything they did, and you've more or less covered the vast majority of the reason that we're so entirely fucked as a country. Toss in a little 9/11 consequences for flavoring, and you got quite the stew going.

  3. I love that it's entirely possible to completely miss and not see the end of that mission at any number of points along the line, it's kind of brilliant imo

  4. Thats fucking robbery. Almost a thousand bucks each for DOOR GUARDS and NITROGEN???? Absolutely fucking unconscionable

  5. maybe the only correct course of action is bricks through windows

  6. more like every time a super wheelspin gives me any rewards under $15k

  7. Agreed they should definitely have higher rewards as a minimum for super wheelspins.

  8. They used to, but they nerfed em because for some reason every game dev in the world thinks that punishing the entire playerbase because a handful of folks are gaming the system is the right course of action

  9. My 10 year old mentioned the Confederates, so I played the Lions' episode on Robert E Lee. 45 minutes later I'm explaining the concept of a dick sucking factory to my kid.

  10. Listen we all have to learn about the dick sucking factory some time

  11. I’d love to hear about what he did. Had no idea my man Dooku was a bad ass!

  12. I think he was SAS? I don't know that it was like, James Bond level spy shit but it was definitely some hardcore stuff IIRC. There's that story about him teaching Peter Jackson the sound a man makes when he's being stabbed to death and all, so like... Sir Lee saw some SHIT at the very least lol

  13. LeVar Burton. Great actor, host of a treasured children's show, and never involved in any kind of drama from what I can remember.

  14. I've finally gotten around to watching Star Trek TNG and he's fucking fantastic as Geordi, storylines where he gets to shine are always treasures, and the camaraderie with Data is top notch. :)

  15. he's not a prophet, he's just paying more attention to what's going on than anyone who would seriously believe that he has some kind of predictive power

  16. this kind of thing is only going to get worse unless we manage to get some actual equal rights protections in place and serious consequences for violating them, I fear

  17. I think you have my mom confused with someone else's mom there broseph lmfao

  18. You know how I know I've already won this argument? You've resorted to name calling and moving the goalposts.

  19. smh this dude is why nobody likes NC Miata people

  20. Remember: there's no bad Miatas, only bad Miata owners.

  21. if I could find a PRHT NC for 1 dollar a day I would be so happy lol

  22. It was the boxes of classified documents that have been requested for at least a month. But anything else they find...

  23. this is the correct answer, but we still have time down the road for the J6 and AJ Texts to be a factor later :D

  24. They were sparse on details. Makes me wonder if this is what they're willing to admit to, what do we not know about?

  25. well think about how long it took em to admit they accidentally flew live nukes over the country numerous times (AND EVEN FUCKIN DROPPED SOME IN THE OCEAN) and you might have an idea

  26. please point out where I said that flying live nukes and violating ATC was the same thing

  27. o hell yeah let's fuckin goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  28. might be better if all nine cars weren't fucking identical

  29. Nope. You can read her assignment history on her

  30. honestly I didn't even know she was at Ramstein in ops until I looked it up, makes sense now why ops always was fucking us over left and right while I was there lol

  31. I love the kind of woman who will actually just kill me. I woke up this morning thinking "damn, I hope some hot chick paints my brains all over some fucking hallway" and here we are

  32. yeah it's something most reddit dinguses don't know a lot about so they do stuff like call people white knights for having some decency

  33. That Lotus you knocked out was me🤣 crazy to see it on Reddit. Shit had me so pissed

  34. if you're not lying, next time don't drive like a dipshit

  35. I love that A) he was trying to bully an M5 with a fuckin Lotus, fully oblivious to how weight works, and B) that he clearly ragequit after punting himself off the track with his idiocy

  36. if someone's tailgating me and there's lanes to change to I just fuckin move

  37. Its honestly mind boggling to see so many people brag about this. Main character syndrome is so prevalent its crazy.

  38. yeah, the correct course of action is to just get out of the dickweasel's way and let em do whatever it is they think they're doing somewhere away from you. Doesn't inconvenience you at all, keeps you from being a road rage victim, ezpz

  39. Which is one of the dumbest lines in the entire series. Nitro meth is fucking terrifying! Pussies absolutely do not run nitro meth.

  40. the only thing scarier than nitrometh is fuckin TEB, allegedly some of the old school guys in the sixties messed around with that, absolutely bonkers

  41. https://science.howstuffworks.com/transport/flight/modern/question192.htm

  42. it's just a shame that airliners don't have catalytic converters like cars do or that higher efficiency in fuel could translate to a higher efficiency in less pollution per person as well :(

  43. The last part of what the Nazi woman is saying in the last panel is part of said 14 words

  44. They should be able to monitor VINs of delivered orders and see who they’re registered to after a year.

  45. Flippers are motivated by one thing: greed

  46. Yup, every time I see a Rivian or Hummer EV for sale on C&B or BaT it's always a flip.

  47. There was an f150 lightning on one of em recently too, only like 2k miles

  48. I live on the east coast, the best guy (also my co-worker as I’m not above him we just know how much we make as it keeps management honest) makes 35 an hour…I make 30 but he also has about 10yrs senior on me so I don’t complain. The apprentice (hasn’t even graduated to lube tech yet) makes 17.25 an hour.

  49. At the start of COVID, I paid $200 for a 1070 ti / 10400f build that the owner couldn't remember the password for, so he swore that it was trash.

  50. Lol I used to work IT with a couple guys like that

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