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  1. The safer thing to do would have probably been to call the police. But you got out of that situation so at least that's over with.

  2. Have a problem, call the police. Now you have 2 problems.

  3. I mean, did he not see this coming when he hung the sign after he was told not to? Also, why did he get the sign made before it was approved?

  4. I'm sorry but I just have to repost this. Is that stealing? I'm sure I had more fun seeing that than anyone in the pic. I saw some head scratching, indifference in every single face, but not one smile. I actually tried.

  5. It's so boring whatever is going on that a kid is playing on his phone and another kid is watching.

  6. It's pretty good, but is that her arm on #4's shoulder?

  7. No I'm pretty sure that's his mom who is featured behind her

  8. I think you were just unlucky. Those fittings are made to detach. They scammed you out of $450.

  9. It’s children. Teachers are supposed to know where they are going. Imagine if teachers let children roam around the entire school unaccounted for…

  10. Imagine if we just treated people like people and not puppy dogs

  11. Imagine utter chaos because every single child in the entire school gets up at whatever time he or she pleases and goes absolutely anywhere and everywhere.

  12. Exit ramps. Like clockwork some sick head will be bombing from the left lane with 200 yards to spare in front of 15 cars. But get your exit tho

  13. You cannot be pro environment and anti nuclear power, if you say you are against nuclear power I'm not taking you seriously.

  14. A decent person does not touch kids inappropriately, which he has done, several times, on camera.

  15. I've never been, but I imagine Mt. Rushmore is quite dumb

  16. The amount of "Trump fans swipe left" I've seen is insane.

  17. I just saw the move "she said" the story about Harvey Weinstein. Same shit. These women faced gag orders that were not held up in court. Fight the power.

  18. Fuck. Religion. 1000% the issue for most issues in planet earth.

  19. Yeah, your partner sounds like a dick but also remember that if you're a casual golfer, you're probably not good enough to warrant getting angry at yourself. Fuck that guy, be nicer to yourself.

  20. Last time, don't play with them again. There are people I refuse to play with cause they are like this.

  21. An embarrassment to BU and to the Democratic party. Anti teacher and pro corporate interests. Looks like regression is back on the menu boys.

  22. Maybe we should ask Nancy to stay, she's not corrupt at all lol

  23. They freedom of speech is gonna trigger ya. Get used to being an American.

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