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  1. Seeing that you can summons spirits, Oleg is about to kick everyone's ass.

  2. Moonveil for when you need more power.

  3. In co-op, probably 50 times now I've experienced the host watching the entire cutscene before proceeding to die within 5 seconds from the Scarlet Aeonia.

  4. Beast Champion set has defenses around the same as Lionel but is absolutely gorgeous. Make sure to alter it for the cape since the cape is by far the most detailed of any armor. The helmet is the only thing I don't like but the color of the armor mixes well with many other headpieces.

  5. I used to hate both but now they are my favorite bosses in the game. Number 1 tip against them: stop rolling backward. Both of them are extremely punishing if you roll away.

  6. Me complaining about all the late-game bosses before I did a second playthrough when I realized the bosses are fine, I was just dogshit.

  7. I love how in every tier list, DoH is either S tier or bottom tier.

  8. Bell Bearing Hunter. 8ft tall dark knight with telekinesis and Gael's sword. After fighting the one in Caelid for 2 hours, what I learned is the dude has like 87 different attack strings and all of them are completely fair and fun to fight against.

  9. I'm calling upon all the 20 Sekiro players who were so upset about me calling Sekiro not a souls who sent me deaththreats to see this

  10. I made a comment asking what the difference between a souls game and a souls-like is and it was just two people arguing about Sekiro under my comment.

  11. It's worrying the amount of people I see die instantly to Malenia's scarlet aeonia.

  12. Because Joseph Anderson said bosses bad and everyone said so true

  13. A lot of his criticisms of the game (recycling, replayability) were good but his boss section is hilariously bad. Dude was like "I hate Maliketh, I won't explain why because that means I have to fight him again but he's bad, trust me".

  14. Souls games or “soulsborne” games follow pretty much the same gameplay formula of Demons souls. Some differences like being open World but overall you can play all those games pretty much the same way. Only games by Fromsoft are considered true souls games.

  15. In that case, I think I would agree that Sekiro is at least a Souls-like. Despite its differences, it shares enough DNA to still be compared to From's other games.

  16. This petty response doesn’t help his case. He made himself out he a super professional reasonable guy in his medium post. But this petty response kinda goes against that image. He should probably not add more fuel to the fire here if he wants to look like the good guy

  17. I think the image does a good job at taking a jab without being that obvious or direct. Hell I could be wrong in that the image has nothing to do with anything and is just a pure coincidence.

  18. For context, Mick replied to the recent post Bethesda made and they ended up getting ratioed by him.

  19. Entirely depends on the rules. With Sekiro rules, without gravity, Wolf cannot do much. In DS rules, Sekiro quite easily takes it.

  20. Ye, the closest thing to conflict on Rennala's side is Rahdan holding back the stars which is preventing Ranni's agenda from moving forward, and it's a matter of much contention if that was intentional on Rahdan's part or only done to prevent something worse from happening due to the movement of the Stars. And that's ignoring the many hints of the siblings cooperating with each other in their own ways.

  21. Fun fact, there is dialogue from Jerren that heavily implies that Iji manufactured weapons for the Redmanes, thus, Ranni indirectly helping Radahn.

  22. Leyndell, Stormveil, and farum Azula might be my favorite levels in any game ever

  23. The thing I liked about Elden Ring's dungeons is how visually different they are. Replaying through DS3 made me realize how samey a lot of the areas feel, even if I love the game.

  24. Depends on how you approach the game. The bosses of ER are definetly a lot more difficult on average, assuming you play pure melee. They deal more damage, have longer combos, have more moves, and less obvious telegraphs. But using spirit ashes can give a massive helping hand to fight them. Also there just seems to be more OP weapons in general for ER. Of course I’m just talking about the bosses

  25. I always thought it was about scoring well in all categories. DOOM was good but being realistic though its story is pretty shit.

  26. Gotta love people who judge a game without ever playing it. I have a combined probably 400-500 hours across both games and I can absolutely say that Doom Eternal is big a step up in terms of gameplay.

  27. Honestly, main part of exploration for me is finding gameplay related stuff. So, sidequests and mainly loot. All the souls games have cool items to find in weird places, but since Sekiro doesnt have items, there are non to find. I found a few of the NPCs, but I didnt care much for the story or the world so that wasnt much

  28. After the horse boss, you enter Ashina Castle which is very open with interconnected paths and many bosses that can be tackled in any order. Not everyone has to like Sekiro. For me, the first time I played it, I stopped at Hirata Estate since I thought I didn't like it (with largely the same complaints you have). Took a long break and then after playing Elden Ring, I tried Sekiro again and loved it. Sometimes, taking a break and then retrying it can have a big effect. Videos like

  29. he may not serve the greater will but he certainly admires both Godfrey and Radagon, both servants of the greater will

  30. Rykard admired his father as well, even though he is an enemy to the order. The Gelmir Knight helmet mane is modelled after his father’s hair.

  31. The comment he made about mohgs "nigh unreactable claw response for heavy weapons" is also odd to me, he attacked at an incorrect time and got punished for it, that's it. I also can't see or dont understand how the existence of this "nigh-unreactable" move has any effect on whether nihil is a cool gimmick or not.

  32. I love how he spends like 5 minutes explaining every type of attack in these games, then proceeds to incorrectly identify nearly every type of attack when he starts to critique the bosses.

  33. Maliketh should’ve been an entire health bar imo, he’s so squishy and the fight is significantly more fun and thrilling than the beast clergyman portion of the fight

  34. Would've preferred his first and second phase to be different boss fights. The two have no relationship to each other when it comes to the skills you learn so the first phase just feels like a runback to the second, kind of like Renalla and Radagon. I find both phases very fun which is why I would prefer two whole healthbars.

  35. Absolutely! I think Morgott is such a fun boss. His ever-changing movesets are super engaging, and he's one of the few bosses that feel like I'm fighting against an actual person? Idk if that makes sense. Just super duper sad that his HP is so low, because I could fight that fella for half an hour and not get bored.

  36. I think it feels like fighting a person because he's relentless with a ton of openings, but the openings are tight. You can't really fight him by waiting to punish an attack because he chains his combos well. You have to get in his face and hit him at every delay so the fight feels incredibly active. Like with a lot of bosses, it feels like, dodge, dodge, dodge, hit hit, dodge, dodge, dodge etc. With Morgott, it's more like dodge, hit, dodge, hit, etc.

  37. If you ever wanna try it, ER first. VERY accessible for a new RL1 run, and even big foes aren't all to different with some setups. Maliketh especially (Cheese of the Redmanes moment).

  38. I just did SL1 on Elden Ring with pure melee. Most bosses I could handle without summons, melee only (yes, even Commander Niall). However, I had to resort to summons with Godskin Duo and Malenia. I'm not good enough to beat Malenia and got really bored when I tried to punish her attack but she animation cancelled her recovery into another attack. As for Godskin Duo, yeah do I even need to explain why fighting them at SL1 without summons/sleep/parry is borderline impossible.

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