1. I shot a large wild boar hog that weighed 298.6 lbs. The beast was so rank you could smell the stench 50 ft away. The proportions look a bit odd to me. The animal in this pic appears 50% larger in body height/girth, but the head looks disproportionately smaller than the one I shot. The apparent body length is about the same. It could be real, but it seems a bit sketchy.

  2. Thinking outside the box! Well played! And I agree short rib meat is some of the best!

  3. Better yet, put it in a drying rack overnight after applying coarse kosher salt. The salt and liquid will completely draw back into the steak. The pellicle (dry surface) will be well developed when you are ready to grill.

  4. Master built is the way for an electric smoker. Pitboss for an electric pellet smoker (but cost target will e difficult to achieve).

  5. Put it in a slow cooker with some broth. Cover. Heat until tender. You can use the broth after cooking to make some great gravy or au jus.

  6. Did you cook the turkey upside down like that? Any advantage to doing it that way?

  7. Some claim a turkey cooked with the breast down will retain more moisture.

  8. A Weber Genesis with a side burner will serve you well for a long, long time. It will greatly compliment your other culinary tools.

  9. I love the seasoned crispy skin of a fried turkey. Following are some random thoughts and experienced that you might consider… I prefer peanut oil, but cottonseed oil works as well. Make sure the bird is completely thawed and dry. Remove the giblets removed from the bird cavity. Wipe out any water there or on the skin or else the oil will spit and splash. I like applying as much Tony Cachere’s seasoning to the skin as I can get to stick. When cooking, the last part to get to eating temp will be leg-thigh joint. The breast gets done faster. I often pull the bird when the breast is 155f so it will still be moist and then nuke the leg/thigh meat next to the bone that may still be a bit undercooked. Consider having a couple of bags of french fries or onion rings to maximize the use of the hot oil while your are cutting the turkey. Good cook and enjoy!

  10. Well written and eloquent dissertation. I enjoyed the series and your analysis of the hateful comments out there.

  11. I’ve been enjoying the posts and will come by if in the area. Keep smoking my friend!

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