1. Personally, I always just put the club behind the ball on the line I want to hit, then just hang my arms at my shoulders and move myself to the club.

  2. I just hang my arms where they naturally wanna go too

  3. Exactly. I reckon I’m not the best descriptor

  4. If I played more fairways I’d love them. But I’m always in too much club-scratching stuff to keep them nice.

  5. Vokey wedges don’t change nearly enough year to year to justify the newer sets. Good clubs at a 200% markup.

  6. Sincerely agree…..just a good upgrade from my old Taylormade RAC wedges…..:sweat_smile:

  7. I enjoy their shorts. Whole videos are a bit much for my tastes though.

  8. Look up the strapped playlist. It’s Neil and Randy trying to make a weekend of golf work on a $500 budget. Try to start with the oldest though bc there are lots of inside jokes that are callbacks from previous episodes:)

  9. Sheeeeeww. My weekend of golf is $28…..and that’s 36 holes!

  10. I’ve only watched a couple. I scrolled through a few and rarely saw any golf. Was more about the trip/experience. Not really what I’m looking for in content personally. Production was on point though to be fair.

  11. Sweet. I’ll join. If you need a mod, I’m down.

  12. We are supposed to guess off of his gps of his walk??

  13. Personally just thought the 5.5 hour round was comical

  14. If you just wanted to show off your putters and head covers baby, just say that.

  15. Escaping. Going away, sit, get high. That’s about it.

  16. I agree that address has to be adjusted. May other faults are linked though, it overall a decent swing! If you’d like a swing analysis I’d need to get the video, message me if you’d like. Im a PGA teaching professional.

  17. Working on address/alignment and more hips through the swing/impact so I won’t get stuck and can add some speed through the ball and have more consistency.

  18. It’s hard to see but try moving your right foot out about 10 degrees and left approx 20..This will help your turn back and through for sure and send a side view video to better see..Lookin good

  19. I’ve had a couple people mention turning my feet. It’s extremely uncomfortable on my back swing in my groin when I turn out my front foot.

  20. So these….they um….they’re all different loft clubs?

  21. Can’t tell really well, but looks like the ball is back near the middle of your stance. With longer irons, the ball should be closer to your front foot. Take where the ball is now, and move it half way closer to your front foot. Also, longer irons are more difficult to close the face with. Generally, the longer the shaft, the more leverage the head has and is harder to close. That’s super simplifying it, but it’s the general idea. That’s really all I see that would be the issue.

  22. Think about having the label of your glove facing the ground at impact. That’s over-exaggerated, but if that’s the thought, it’ll close that face.

  23. You can see at impact it’s definitely pointing at the sky

  24. She prolly didn’t send back unless we put her Nokia in there with her. Never can tell these days.

  25. Awesome! Just ordered some super soft. Thank you! And you get a sleeve of free breakfast balls.

  26. What type of industry are you in/looking to be in? What’s your acceptable price range? How do you feel politically? These (among many others) are necessary to know before just spouting off random places to go live.

  27. I’m in the Automotive industry, Parts Management. Wife is Dental Hygienist. Average salary around 60-70k for me, house around 200-250k. I’m middle of the road, lean Libertarian, but not big on politics.

  28. Sorry, of the US. I’m from MS, I forget there is a world.

  29. I’d bet on it being 17 pieces. Covers for the 3 woods, one hybrid, and a bag? Or putter cover? One of the two.

  30. No it lists 17 clubs. Individual irons are listed in addition to 5-PW

  31. So you have two sets of irons? That’s illogical.

  32. SW Layup attempt skulled to water, SW to middle from drop zone, three putt, par. 👍🏻

  33. Is….is that……is that supposed to be a tee box?

  34. Haha no bro, it’s a part of the course that they made the range, it’s in shambles at the moment

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