Weed Strains in 1977

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  1. You better stick on some George Jones if you're gonna drink that PBR pop top. I think that's the rule.

  2. They were huge in Canada, but I still think there's not enough love for Blue Rodeo in the Alt-Country scene.

  3. Yep! There's something similar with dudes that I got put onto by F.D. Signifier's videos- the idea of the "patriarchal dividend". Basically the exact same as what your friend has/was experiencing: if you just follow the Rules, society is set up so that you win. Sure, the rules suck sometimes, but as long as you play the game the way you're told to by family, friends, society, you get everything you want: a comfortable life, a loving family, a healthy sex life, the respect of others.

  4. This is my father's story to a 'T'. Born in 1940, he grew up expecting to have a beautiful house, two cars in the garage, a nubile young wife and perfect kids on one blue collar salary. Just work an honest job, pay your taxes, and the world is yours.

  5. Very collectible. I watch a lot of old computer stuff on YT, seen plenty of videos about people using/fixing the PCJr., and they all had the replacement keyboard.

  6. Based on the fonts and layout, this looks like an old article from The National Enquirer, guessing late 1970’s-1980’s

  7. The Enquirer or it's even more ridiculous cousin, The Weekly World News.

  8. Replace the grips with sugru and apply some texture with a steel brillo pad or a little piece of window screen. Problem solved.

  9. These were random machines designed to catch a few spare coins here and there, commonly put in business lobby areas next to gum/candy machines, cigarette machines, etc. Something for a passerby to spend a few minutes in distraction with, or to keep kids busy when there was nothing else to do as you waited for your table, your prescription, your laundry, etc.

  10. He’s the one I had to really look for too.

  11. They gave him crooked teeth in the movie. The director Francis Ford Coppola knew that mid-60s Oklahoma didn't have faces that pretty.

  12. Trout Mask Replica, an amazing double album. Sounds like insane freeform ramblings and music, but was rehearsed continually for months and recorded (by Frank Zappa) in about two days.

  13. Great album. But I think Lick My Decals Off, Baby is better overall.

  14. One of their best duets, in lip-sync form with Marilyn looking FINE.

  15. It wasn't always this toxic, because 30-40 years ago the majority of Xtians in the U.S. were garden-variety Methodists who actually believed in the liberal ideas of Jesus. Now most Liberals are gone, and the selfish shitbag Evangelicals are in control.

  16. So are just ignoring the centuries of holy wars, colonialism, genocide, oppression of women, etc?

  17. Whataboutism is ugly, no matter the guise it comes in.

  18. With a miniskirt like that, you are looking at 1970, not 1960.

  19. Any theories why the dearth of careers in the late 60s/early 70s? I know the women's liberation movement really didn't start picking up until later in the 70s, but having sixteen from '59-66 and zero from '67-'72 is shocking.

  20. I think part of it is that during that period they were introducing and expanding on a lot of side characters (Ken, younger siblings Tutti and Todd, their friend Chris, Barbie's cousin Francie, Francie's friend Casey, Barbie's British friend Stacey, friend PJ, sister Skipper, Skipper's friends Ricky and Skooter—and that's just who appears 1967-1968!) who each got multiple dolls, likely trying to capitalize on Barbie's success by creating a bunch of new characters for kids to latch onto. So as a result, there's fewer variants on Barbie herself in any given year, and instead just this massive cast of other characters. A loooot of characters show up during that period that are absolutely never heard from again (who the hell is Brad?!)

  21. Ah, so they went in a different direction to spike sales, and poor Barbie was pushed out of the spotlight, only to re-focus on her when things started to feel stale again.

  22. Copenhagen or Skoal? Mine was a Copenhagen man.

  23. I actually don't think my dad ever chewed tobacco. My mom says he drank and smoked some when he was younger, but he gave up smoking entirely and only occasionally had wine when I was growing up, while he was in his 40s.

  24. Good for you, and for your family. I wish my father were that strong.

  25. Is the space behind the square hole large enough to hold a square box of tissues?

  26. Just have all of your paper products in one tidy place. Or to stop people from using expensive paper towels as Kleenex.

  27. These are cocktail arcade cabinets from the late 1970s.

  28. Watching them get dunked in the dunk tank was real must-see TV! Check it out!

  29. Excellent! Still not as hot as Charlene Tilton flirting with Scott Baio in the dunk tank though.

  30. So with the Hendrix penis and Einstein's eyes attached to Santa Anna's leg are we not two steps closer to creating the ultimate sex machine.

  31. If it is the ultimate machine then sorry Jimi, your jimmy was a placeholder for

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