1. The Air Force shows up to the celebration 75 years late & we're suddenly supposed to throw them a party?

  2. It's contradictory for the Air Force to have a civilian researcher come and lecture their service members about unknowns in the air domain. No disrespect to Mr. Marler. However, why doesn't the Air Force brief their members themselves? That in and of itself should be getting attention, imo.

  3. I'm just now reading his report on the Farmington, Missouri three day UFO flap. Wow.

  4. No offence to James and this unnamed individual, but we've heard all of this stuff before and it has never amounted to anything. Because of that, I take this with a pinch of salt.

  5. The source testified to Congress and the new UAP office. This is different.

  6. Well, this is interesting. I would like to see the rest of this interview.

  7. How do you know this please? Source? I clicked on the picture but nothing happened.

  8. Mario Woods, military personnel who witnessed a huge orb and had an abduction experience, said the government doesn't care above military personnel who experienced health effects from UAP, and that they just want you to go the hell away.

  9. I was absolutely shook hearing his experience fully explained by him. I see no reason why he would make this up. His story must certainly be verifiable given all the personnel he interacted with following the encounter. A case with data that hopefully AARO is able to obtain.

  10. I shared Sean's video to this sub. I had no idea it would receive the response it did. I did not agree with the negative responses nor the doxing that followed.

  11. Ryan Graves on CNN This Morning re Americans for Safe Aerospace (

  12. Yeah Kirkpatrick is definitely going to face pressure considering Congress has SEPARATELY been briefed about UAP from whistleblowers. If he contradicts testimony already given to members of Congress, that will not work out for him.

  13. What about if you're not a podcast person and you just prefer reading?

  14. Go to videohighlight.com and it will summarize the main bullet points of the video. It utilizes AI. You might have to request access, but it's absolutely free.

  15. Pretty sure that's the director of the film Ariel Phenomenon, Randall Nickerson

  16. Ross Coulthart and Garry Nolan have already stated that there are individuals from such legacy programs that have already testified.

  17. Many people were hating on Lue recently, but without him and Mellon (along with many others), we would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for their efforts.

  18. Reddit: "If Lue refuses to go to jail, he's a fraud and a grifter".

  19. Agreed. I don't think a lot of these people with negative comments have heard Elizondo speak on all these podcasts and news media. There's a big picture that people are missing out on, imo.

  20. its not all about what he's done behind the scenes and his income. some of it is because of his woo. woo people are instant 'grifters' in the small minds of the anti-woo crowd

  21. The woo is definitely hard for people to consider... Dr. Garry Nolan recently said the woo is right around the corner too. Of course, it's already here for many folks.

  22. Bingo! If it were US's then we'd be swinging it from our country's dick in the face of the rest of the world.

  23. That’s ridiculous that they can block this for national security reasons but turn around and release the fuel dump on the reaper drone…

  24. This is great, but let's see how forthcoming this hearing will be. Don't forget the debacle of last year's hearing. Over 50 years since a public hearing, and we left with more questions than answers.

  25. Read UFOs & Nukes by Robert Hastings. You are in for a shock if you think there were only a couple of these events.

  26. Hastings got to brief AARO in January of 2023 that led to Robert Salas and Robert Jacobs to testify about their cases.

  27. He mentions ufos being shot at and how they changed in response to being shot at... Wow. Need to hear more of cases like this

  28. Time for another hearing especially after the 3 objects shot down haven't been identified.

  29. Yep, I just read a quote from Taylor about the endurance of drones. It seems he may have vastly underestimated their capabilities.

  30. I wonder if the drone you shared would be able to evade the anti drone capabilities aboard these Navy sea vessels

  31. In the past couple of months, we've seen a clear video of the Chinese "spy balloon" being shot down. We've seen a crystal clear picture of that same balloon at high altitude. Which is a selfie taken from a U2 plane. Today, we've seen a crystal clear video from a drone only 60km from Russia.

  32. It does the opposite of causing a stir. It suggests putting sane limits on single site observations which don't have range-gate capabilities.

  33. Could you elaborate a little more as to how the paper by Loeb and Kirkpatrick challenges the study done by Knuth, Powell, and Reali?

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