1. The sniper is used for closer inspection

  2. I would like to point out the somewhat recent event where the Japanese prime Minister was shot and killed by a homemade gun you can buy the parts for on Amazon and have them shipped directly to your home

  3. Exactly its El Rubios, he could do so much:

  4. 5.) Put the juggernaut in front of the basement where the primary target is

  5. More than the Valkyrie, or flying the Velum across the whole map?

  6. It just says "HEISTS". when you click on "HEISTS", it will give the option of being on call or join direct to a heist. And it is random. It could be any of the original HEISTS.

  7. I don't see the original "heists" only the newer ones, do I have to own a high end apartment or talk to Lester first to learn about the original heists?

  8. The most basic requirement to host a Heist in GTA Online is that your character must be Rank 12 and own a high-end apartment. However, if you are under rank 12 or do not own a high-end apartment, you can still join a Heist so long as another player invites you in.May 20, 2022.<<< That's from a Google search.

  9. I'm over rank 150 but don't own a high end apartment, but I thought it would show up in the quick jobs app on the phone, all the other heists show up except the original ones, I've seen invites in public sessions but I'm on PC so I'd like to avoid public sessions as much as possible

  10. Well Matt says this a lot, and the bird looks like Sonic when he grinds on rails

  11. Story Mode: I made custom plates for each character, they're still on their main cars, but can't make anymore nor see the plates in the list.

  12. At this point Rockstar should just abandon the app and allow you to make custom plates from within the game itself

  13. bulletproof helmet is nice to protect form headshots

  14. I believe all the combat helmets also act the same way as the bulletproof ones

  15. You've lost your motorcycle because a tower guard caught you mid-air?

  16. You can drive around on the coast to the left of that jump, it's sketchy and slower, but zero risk of being seen, but still nowhere near as humorous as "stealthily" sending the bike off the jump

  17. I know you can change your outfit with the interaction menu as soon as this cutscene ends, but I didn't know you could do it before then

  18. Hell no. Outside of cayo, all heists require another player. I'm a solo guy.

  19. I know. But I'm not spamming it. I didn't even start it. Just bought the sub.

  20. Even if you only do it once, it's still considered participating

  21. Instead for something different you should be able to go up to a bus stop and use it to fast travel to any other bus stop location

  22. I would also try doing it in a solo session, solo sessions tend to load interior areas faster and more consistently than public sessions

  23. I was in a public session with my friend once, and I tried to start the VIP mission and it wouldn't start but it technically did so I couldn't leave the Nightclub at all, eventually I did figure out a way but I don't remember, I drove around for 5 minutes then got teleported back to my nightclub to start the VIP mission I tried to start earlier

  24. I'd love if they still had more of these "play the game to get money" type or rewards, but Doomsday Criminal Mastermind is still broken as far as I know, and there isn't one for Casino or Cayo

  25. I know, I meant the context of that tiktok video, in what circumstances does a tank like that roll up to a house and shoot into the camera

  26. I know a doorbell isn't a very high quality camera, but I'm just saying that tank looks a little off, a little janky, a little CGI janky

  27. I know it seems like a massive meme, but Shrek 2 is an amazing film

  28. Honestly though the Ford F-450 Super Duty is a pretty good drift car because it's so long and heavy, so the 6×6 kinda makes sense too

  29. I was shocked when I learned that night time in FH5 is 10 minutes long while day time is like 1h40 (I think?)

  30. Players said FH4 nights were too dark, so most companies would either make nights brighter or shorter, but PGG decided to do both at once, one of my favorite developer reactions is when people said night time in the Crew 2 is too dark and they basically responded with "so what"

  31. I understand everyone wants to go fast, but why not take the 2 seconds to move the forklift before entering the bottom door?

  32. U r right but i didn't even know this would happen

  33. I only know it could happen from this subreddit, I didn't even know there was another gate you need the forklift for before I saw someone do it on this subreddit

  34. I love that sometimes you can see strong signs of improvement, but then it devolves into several attempts of carnage!

  35. I love that he actually included quite a few failed attempts

  36. Quite a few? It’s 3 and a half minutes worth

  37. It could be quite a few depending on the total amount of tries

  38. for me definetly assault rifle mk2 or the Military Rifle is choosing ar, but overall id say heavy machine gun mk2

  39. Again, plot point of the series. The car's undergone literal decades of refinement by Bunta compared to cars which are much newer and by and large mostly have simple boost-up tunes to raise power (you never see people like Shingo or Seiji talk about suspension settings). It's nowhere near a stock AE86.

  40. As well as Takumi could only really beat higher power cars downhill because horsepower doesn't matter as much going down

  41. I like ads but only if its relevant to what I like. I also watch unboxing therapy to see what I can waste my money on next. So there must be a demographic that theyre trying to reach

  42. I hate ads that are in Spanish and I don't understand them

  43. It happens sometimes when you dont hold the button properly or the keyboard malfunctions and the game thinks you want to put the weapon down and punch some air

  44. I also play with a controller if that means anything

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