1. Sure fucking did, that’s why I loved those books so fucking much as a kid. Had basically the whole series.

  2. If you are getting nasty pm’s please see this post for more info

  3. Good ol auditory processing disorder, gotta have subtitles or I just don’t understand a fucking thing

  4. Exactly, wouldn’t have to pay someone to beat the shit out of me that way! I’d get it for free :)))

  5. The doctor is always hilarious to play against. The constant screaming is super funny. I genuinely love ghostface, legion and Michael. I’m stoked for any mori from any killer that isn’t the plague. I also deeply enjoy going up against other bubbas as a bubba main. I know his limits. Chainsaw at me?? I’m running you into every object possible until you give up and become m1

  6. I don’t disagree.. but do bear in mind, adepts are not meant to be easy to obtain.

  7. alright but that’s irrelevant, a survivor dcing is completely out of your control.

  8. *hug* i relate to so much of what you've said. i hope things get better for you.

  9. If you are getting nasty pm’s please see this post for more info

  10. What in tarnation… I get testosterone injections regularly and I’m a fucking anarchocommunist, pretty sure T levels have nothing to do with it

  11. I love people supporting pasty bitch who make it sound like only tanned people should wear swimsuits.

  12. We were together for 12 years and are still best friends post being together

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