1. for me, it's been working great. i have an old MacBook lying around and repurposed it as an airmessage and homebridge server.

  2. i was using airmessage pretty reliably with my android a few years ago

  3. on twitter you can promote anybody else’s tweet i think. is it the same on instagram?

  4. did you ever figure out a fix for this? im pretty much at a stand still because my entire base relies on my ME system and none of my busses are working

  5. For anyone curious, that's a telephone exchange building. Lumen is the current name of the telephone company formerly known as CenturyLink.

  6. i live in omaha and have always been so interested in what those things on top were. thank you

  7. this might be my favorite website ever

  8. For context of non Brits, the heaviest BBC R2 will usually go is the occasional play of Smells Like Teen Spirit, or once or twice a year Run to the Hills.

  9. What's your main computer? when i got my iPad I started using it for simple tasks instead of my MacBook, leaving the macbook for things like Xcode, and proper file management when I need it.

  10. yeah, hunters moon is on impera. the title was fairly obvious to me, not sure why people think you meant every pressing of every song

  11. Once Xcode is available on ipad i’ll consider switching

  12. “Come in and try the chick-fil-A® Spicy chicken sandwich. A boneless breast of chicken seasoned with a spicy blend of peppers, freshly breaded and served toasted on a monday morning. Enjoy!!”

  13. I hate how it wont autocompress if its too big. Ive had cases where it wouldnt want to send a photo, i switched to mobile data (which forces compression) and it send fine

  14. holy shit thank you, this is literally what i was asking for. i just wanted a way to force it to compress on send, switching to mobile data actually works. everyone else has just been saying to compress it myself and downvoting me lol

  15. https://web.archive.org/web/20131024125336/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqBrRTIgR0A

  16. that is EXACTLY what i was looking for!! thank you!!!

  17. i’m always up to date. the most recent one

  18. that's awesome, i hope we can download this sometime soon

  19. Did you ever figure this out? I to have a 2019 16" MBP. I've noticed for quite a while now that after closing the laptop in the evening I wake up to it completely out of battery.

  20. my laptop had a faulty hinge angle sensor or something. i had to take it into apple and they fixed it for me. luckily i was still under warranty at the time

  21. Yeah that's what I'm fearing. Hopefully the hinge sensor is separate from the logic board else $$$$.

  22. it was over 3 years ago, so i don’t remember completely, but i’m pretty sure they ended up just replacing the entire top half. screen and everything. i did take it in a different time for a different issue so maybe hopefully i’m wrong, but i wish you the best of luck!

  23. i googled about everything but that, i thought the line below was the error message

  24. and in true mark fashion he’s going to be thick skulled and never release it just like all the untitled demos and Nine follow up he has

  25. i can 100% understand not wanting other people to hear something you're not proud of. but why he gotta tease us like this

  26. Just a preference. Have an iPhone already, albeit one needing an upgrading. Thus, it seems the most logical move but don’t know where to start with establishing a proper useful ecosystem within apple.

  27. id say the best thing to add to your ecosystem that would work most with your iphone is an apple watch. they go great together and it’s not a ipad or mac level expensive

  28. i believe you are the only one making a big deal about it

  29. You have Ultra activated in the app currently (it says so at the bottom of Settings) and you got this?

  30. yeah, it popped up upon opening the app. i bought the subscription last month

  31. data does not transfer through magsafe, what you could do is buy an adapter like carlinkit and that will enable wireless carplay, and you can mount and charge your phone with magsafe then

  32. now i want him to answer every interview question starting with “As Mark Hoppus of Blink 182”

  33. maybe not then. a coworker was listening to the scanner and said they believe it was just the one

  34. damn you guys really make it as hard as possible on yourselves to enjoy music

  35. Well, a big part of music is the quality of the mix. Some parts of the fan base will avoid infestisumum because the mix quality isn’t the best.

  36. i guess that’s fair. i’ve always just listened to music that i think sounds cool and this does it for me

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