1. Can confirm that u didn’t see her

  2. I think Hanna's Mom, Ashley Marin is terrible. I am not sure why everyone gets so mad at me when I say it but she makes some seriously questionable decisions throughout the show. I know she does some good but over all I really dislike her. I think she made Hanna's eating disorder worse as well. That part I am sure is controversial but that's what I think.

  3. I have been in your shoes - trust me. I comment on these all the time. I get crippling anxiety after I drink but not every time. I tripped and fell down the stairs after a friends christmas party and my entire ass was bruised badly for a week, it was the worst bruise ever and served as a constant reminder of what an idiot I was. I was humiliated and barely remembered doing it... Honestly this stuck with me a couple weeks. But at the end of the day, people dont really care. My friends made a joke about it with me (i brought it up) the day after and then someone else did something silly and it was all forgotten.

  4. No I don’t really think I have a drinking problem. Just really gnarly hangovers and bad anxiety

  5. Exactly my problem. I dont crave alcohol in any means, I just go over kill some times. I do that with a lot of things in life. LOL

  6. This is classing hanxiety. I PROMISE you this will pass. I have been so mortified over small things after a night of fun that ive stood in the shower and screamed LOL - I am dramatic.

  7. Happy new year! I promise you, this will pass. Time is your friend. Try and distract yourself with a good movie or show.

  8. I use that shame to drink less the next time. Sometimes the shame fades too much and i have to do it all over again 🤡

  9. People who've been crucified have more life in their eyes

  10. Neither? I don’t see any chemistry between Spencer and Emily, but also I think it was incredibly shitty to have Emily be with Alison.

  11. Some of you guys are blowing my mind! LOL i thought I was doing well at 33 different shiny. I need to step it up! Thanks for the motivation.

  12. They're still together after 4 years, so clearly something is working but yeah her life choice stats made her one of the worst marriage prospects I've ever seen.

  13. I dont want to say it's normal per se but I have heard stories like this before. LOL Laugh it off and try your best to forget about it. I have a friend who every single time they get drunk, ends up peeing in their own closet in the middle of the night. He doesnt drink that often but when he does, it happens...

  14. well :') thank you you're right! This friend of yours it must be daunting for them to know they'll do it no matter what

  15. Very much so. It also happens if he’s not like black out drunk. It’s sort of like a sleep walk thing but only happens when he’s consumed a good amount of alcohol. You’d think he’d just not drink but what fun is that? Lol

  16. Before I go in, I visualize myself an hour after interview when it’s all over and how I’ll be feeling that intense relief feeling of all the nerves being gone. It’s freeing. Focus on that feeling. It will be okay!

  17. Take a gravol if you can (Dimenhydrinate) it will help stop the vomiting's but if it makes you feel any better, although you are obviously dehydrated, it's not going to hurt you severely. I have puked for 48 hours after an insane weekend. It sucks but you will be okay.

  18. thanks! idk why but your comment made me cry😭 it’s a lot better now i even ate an apple an hour ago and it’s still in

  19. I am only seeing this now but I am SO glad you are feeling better. I know it's been almost a day later now so I am sure you are feeling much better.

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