1. There are war criminals on the Ukrainian side, and the Russian side. Neither one has clean hands. Both sides are breaking laws. One side invaded a sovereign country, the other took trillions of dollars with zero auditing. I don't have an opinion beyond those facts.

  2. For the record, poster's title claiming it's of a 'Ukrainian soldier committing a war crime', is based on conjecture, as their is no actual proof of who is who or doing what to who, in it. Also, no reliable source was included. Real event, or faked russian propaganda? No way to tell. But the poster here falsely claims he knows what's goin on in the video, when there's no way he can be sure. It's just his guess, based on unverified source material.

  3. I bet that guy got that done in the barracks or oversees. Garentee, it's an E3 or lower (maybe one of those weirdo motarded e4/e5).

  4. I had a cat a few years ago that knew he was a dog. Best cat I've ever had (they are all wonderful, but he was definitely a once in a lifetime cat). Came when called, ran up to guests, and wasn't afraid of anything. He ate anything. Played fetch. He was a dog in a cats body, as he was raised by dogs since he was a little kitten. I could call out to him 100 yards away in the garden, and he would bound left and right racing up to me. We were vigilant because we were concerned he might get stolen. Your photo reminded me of my Moose boy.

  5. They aren't service members. Those are politicians. Especially Thoroughly modern Milly. I've seen real-time how most officers gain metals and ribbons. Their soldiers do something, they get a metal. It's disgusting and devalues awards.

  6. ya I understand what you're saying I had an argument with some goof about weapon use. I said weapons such as Thermobaric, mines, incendiary, white phosphorus should be banned for all sides. The dude started going off talking about masturbatory something, I have no clue. here's a link to the convo if you care.

  7. I just get so weary of reading the same comments parroted over, and over, and over. They are blaming the Joe nuts deep in mud not eating or sleeping for this entire war. It's so singular lensed. The only people I can think of that would think that way, and have such a white and black mindset are people that have actually never been to war. It's just not that simple, and to sealclap every single Joe getting killed is disgusting. Saying "well he shouldn't have invaded Ukraine, then he wouldn't be dead". It's SOOO uneducatedly ignorant. Ultimately they are children that still view the world as black and white. They haven't had enough life experience to know EVERYTHING is shades of grey. Those people in this sub have been driving me up the wall with their lack of military and life experience. As someone who's actually been to war, it just grinds my gears. I'd love for them to spend a year or two in combat and come back with their attitude and outlook checked.

  8. I was hitting almost dead center at 75yards with patch and ball but other than that I’m not too sure it was fun to shoot though!

  9. I've actually never shot anything black powder. I've wanted to get into it for many years, though. My parent's next-door neighbor has been wanting me to get into it for over 20 years now. He's got national records and all of that. It seems like a whole different world of shooting. I've just not taken the leap yet. I really don't know what to get. So many time, I've told them I have interest in getting x,y,z, and all of the old timers tell me everything negative about what I was interested in. They all shoot stuff from the 1800s, very early 1900s, or custom builds. That's just added more to the confusion, so I've just stuck with center fire and rimfire, as I've not gotten close to mastering either. I should just say screw it and buy a kit just to finally get into blackpowder.

  10. As a socially awkward adult, I've learned that it takes a good bit of 1 on 1 time with positive interactions and bonding (and asking specific dates they are free) to get people to come to my parties. But letting those connections go will decrease the chances that they show up.

  11. Passive aggressively by showing up with all the leftovers and leaving them in the breakroom fridge.

  12. people blink like 100 times a minute or something! what are the odds 3 people would blink at the same time? pretty high you'd think right?

  13. As an experiment, set a one minute timer and blink 100 times before it goes off. See if that feels weird or not.

  14. Heck yeah. Did you see how close that first round was? I guarantee they threw track from that first shell impact. Maybe it's just because I used to be a forward observer in the army, but those rounds are absolutely devastating at that sort of range. I can't believe how lucky they got to hit that close to a moving target. Moving targets are notoriously difficult to hit. Granted, that wasn't the same as hitting a target that wasn't static before the fire mission, but it was still difficult. One thing I'm surprised about is why aren't we seeing airbursts. It's so much more devastating to dismounts.

  15. I didn't think anyone would want to see the truly last result... what comes after the hotdog. Its not for the squeamish 🤣

  16. Were any of those men over 6'2", make over 100k a year, no children, and own their own house?

  17. The rest of the picture doesn't interest me as much as what's under the blotted out spot over his wrist.

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