1. Can someone confirm to me if the Zeta Zaku only show up in one episode of ZZ only?

  2. Remember to finish your guild house stamina today too, it can't carry over, use it is in the event you will level up fast

  3. ZZ Gundam is as good as Zeta, ZZ only have issue when they were still in Shang Ri La due to Tomino wanting to change the palette of audience after Zeta ending

  4. In my opinion Gaia Gear and G Saviour is an alternate U.C where miniaturization of mobile suits didn't happen

  5. Gundam, start with AU first if you like then can consider the main universe

  6. If I am not wrong despite this many Zakus they all still get clap by a single GM Striker Custom right

  7. The gm striker would probably get overwhelemed. Though never underestimate a pilot

  8. But that's exactly what happened in Chapter 10 of Mobile Suit Gundam - We Are Federation Hooligans, a single GM Striker literally took on this many Zaku

  9. Man it'd be interesting if tomino made kamille the pilot of the jadg doga in char's counterattack

  10. Yes I am talking more about giving Zeta something like a funnels or bits

  11. Bandit flower is sometime after the one year war in a kind of different take on the uc timeline, twilight axis is after unicorn

  12. Yeah I just mentioned Bandit Flower because the list above already mentioned Thunderbolt Season 1 and Twillight Axis is indeed after Unicorn incident

  13. Hmmm, this sounds pretty accurate. I mean even in universe the creation of the MK II was less about trying to make the new generation of Mobile Suits for a New Type of Pilot and more about building from the original RX in terms of mechanical abilities, but very little focus utilizing the Newtype tech that Zeon figured out that went into the Gundam Development Project. That said I wonder if Alex was a more powerful than GDP Gundams and the MK. II since it was focused on working with Newtype pilots and was implied to have made the original Gundam look like a hunk of junk by comparison.

  14. I doubt Alex is more powerful than the MK II and GDP Gundams, Alex is potentially the best Gundam you can pilot for One Year War but lag terribly in Gryps War era, I think Alex at it's best is possibly just Zephanrythes level

  15. Its cockpit was at least caught up to late Zeta level tech, which would definitely offer a huge advantage. But yeah It's hard to say much more beyond that. I think that's by design though, focusing too much on hyping up the weapon's capabilities would be antithetical to 0080's narrative haha

  16. Yeah I give credit to the Alex for starting the trend of Panoramic cockpit which more MP MS start adapting in U.C 0084, Atlas and Stamen don't count since they are still Gundam

  17. Im still waiting for my MG Gaia Gear Alpha Bandai

  18. Crossbones: Love and Piece (2022): i have return with another Crossbone installment

  19. I think Love and Piece is supposed to be a prequel to Crossbone taking place a little before Hathaways Flash

  20. Yeah it is U.C 0103 but i doubt it is gonna be prequel only , probably gonna fit in another MS with X shape backpack

  21. Huh, iirc I don't think the cause of Hashirama's death has been reveal to us?

  22. Zahid nuclear bunker face will be put to the test

  23. If he can stay in power until the next UMNO election he will have my respect

  24. BN having fun this week, various party invite them out for a meal, who gonna say no to free meal right

  25. Kinda not a fan to see Miniaturized Mobile Suits go away for the 18 M G Savior, G Saviour should be alternate U.C so U.C Miniaturized Mobile Suits can go on indefinitely

  26. I do wonder sometimes what Okawara (or rather the in-universe Saviour team) was thinking putting two large tanks full of explosive propellant on the side skirts.

  27. its like seeing the corrupt Earth Federation when they are force to side with either AEUG or TITAN.

  28. If that was to happen then we would be looking at a potential minority government. In this particular scenario the MP who has the support of the majority of the coalition will be PM.

  29. Ah fellow Witch From Mercury enjoyer, definitely same vibes as the scene of Suletta singing Happy Birthday

  30. Forging official government document is a big offense,if this is true the appropriate authorities should look into this matter

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