1. If you were bullied or are being bullied, take some comfort in the fact that the group of people i hung around with ("cool" kids, bullies, smokers, drug takers etc) have insane levels of imprisonment, suicide and all round bad lives full of shit jobs a shattered dreams lol

  2. I can say this with authority, you are not casual in any way lol

  3. Considering the moral ground the people that oppose progress are standing on... i know where i'd rather be standing.

  4. Buy it pre-minced in a tube, or just get one of those little hand crusher things, you throw a few pieces in, squeeze and out comes the garlic mush.

  5. Florida, partly because of "Florida Man", but also because it supports some GoP shit stains that i won't mention.

  6. Honestly, i have only smoked it a handful of times and it all tasted/felt the same to me, i guess i don't have very sophisticated tastes because all red wine tastes the same to me too lol

  7. I thought some of the X-Files episodes were based on real events lol

  8. A Panasonic brick looking thing, it had a front cover that had a glossy pearl finish.

  9. Dexter, it went downhill a lot in the later seasons but that ending was downright fucking atrocious.

  10. It takes a lot of trust, but something you need to take into consideration is that if your relationship gets rocky, there is much greater risk of infidelity if there's a line of BFF's waiting at the door for all of that comforting lol

  11. This has crossed my mind as well. I am not a jealous person, but I also take into consideration that any kind of attraction there is potentially a threat.

  12. It's like storing propane tanks and matches together in the same space, if nobody does anything stupid it'll be completely fine, but do you really want to tempt it? lol

  13. Red Dead 2, it's just the best, most immersive open world game that has been made (so far).

  14. Isn't it true that if you go to some places in the US, you can buy a home outright for like 10 or 20k? A bank in Australia will laugh you out the door if you only have a 20k deposit lol

  15. The one where Homer says something about the key to avoid failing is to never try in the first place, such an inspiration lol

  16. No, but it can sure as hell put you in a position where happiness is a more realistic goal.

  17. Games these days carve off a little bit of content from the base game and then sell it as an "extra" piece of content and charge and additional $30 for it or whatever. Sometimes it's a quest/mission or two, other times it's just some clothing or weapon skins.

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