1. She also thought The Killers were a British band.

  2. https://www.femalefirst.co.uk/music/musicnews/lady-gaga-mistook-killers-brits-1094858.html

  3. Late to the game on this, but read the prompt (in an email from Reddit) and have been thinking about this question for a bit:

  4. It was a single released just before Boy came out. Never featured on an album.

  5. Don't be a fucking dick. Personal attacks are pretty uncalled for just because I disagreed with something.

  6. I didn't reply to you. You draw it out knowing people aren't going to give you the answer you want to hear.

  7. Steve Lillywhite’s production is so clean and crisp. I think Character Zero is the best work they’ve ever done in the studio.

  8. I don’t even know how to answer my own poll but if I HAD to pick just one, I think I’d go with Bling

  9. It's not that the BS versions are bad per se. They're just...really boring compared to the haunting masterpieces that are the LWS versions (again, of those 3 songs. most are at best a wash, though maybe BEF is slightly better on LWS too).

  10. Pretty crazy that site is still hosting it.

  11. Love it! Phish will probably be my #2 next year, just getting into them but they're great!

  12. Did you go to a show and become obsessed? I ask because that’s what happened to me!

  13. Nice! I don't listen to Spotify much (Amazon music guy) but they were still my #1 too!

  14. It would look like a stage of predominantly Black musicians playing well-known, respected Rock, Pop, and Jamband music. Younger fans go to shows, though many seem to come to the DMB through those who likely grew up with the band.

  15. I came across DMB by myself recently & took my brother to a show this year. We're both younger, so it does happen!

  16. Yup, you and MANY others! And I bet that everyone is glad that you are there.

  17. No. Kinda resent when I tell people I like Phish and they're like 'oh cool, I like DMB! We're the same.'. It's like me saying I like Cecil Taylor and someone being like "oh cool, I like marching bands! We're the same."

  18. 2 of my favorites. Been to more Dave than phish shows. I alternate between there Sirius channels everyday

  19. Batson sessions are what your average music listener wants. Basic pop music. I have friends who ONLY like stand up because it’s easy to digest.

  20. According to Stephen Harris, they wrote You Never Know in the studio over the course of a day, so this is really cool to hear in that context.

  21. Good. It's just bc I have heard that many LDS members think that their church is the only true church (although they represent only a very small percentage of the world population with regards to other religions and atheists). So just checking.

  22. Yeah some of the stuff you hear can be off putting for sure 😅 You'd have to meet with some of our missionaries to get more context!

  23. It's like all of his other references. There is one way to interpret it which incorporates his faith and also many other ways that don't involve faith at all. I like to look at it like Easter eggs; you don't necessarily miss anything by not understanding the LDS context (as I don't, without the folks on this sub) but once it's explained it adds another layer of depth to the song.

  24. Thanks for your open-mindedness Larki. It really does add to the depth of his lyrics. I do share the same faith as Brandon and his references are very clear sometimes, but he's definitely never meant for them to exclude any type of people or their beliefs. If I was Brandon I'd be doing the exact same thing. It's what makes him authentic & his newer albums (for me) so enticing.

  25. Thanks! I really enjoy Warehouse and Pig.

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