1. Fair enough your opinion, but let me correct you on few things.

  2. My bad, I was younger than I am now and it felt ages for the far future release, didn’t know it was within first 8 months!

  3. I lowkey did lmao, that’s what happens when i’m passionate bout things I guess

  4. Hope he recovers well! Also side note, anyone that can actually pay for this game, It’s really worth it :) I usually crack stuff but this is one of the few gens that deserve to be bought!

  5. Same here, I've been saving up to buy the game because of how good it is. But to people who will still crack it, have a good time!

  6. Amazing brother! Definitely, whoever purchases or cracks this game, enjoy! Coming from a player who hardly gets entertained by games released to date (far cry division etc) this game is a masterpiece

  7. I haven't seen a more responsive developer since Ninja Kiwi.

  8. I’m th13, my king, queen and warden are max with RC at 20, all core is max and all but siege machines left for elixir research’s (not de) just have cannons teslas and archer towers and mortars for buildings and working on traps atm. Should I go to th14?

  9. I most likely would, maxing the siege machines isn’t a problem and lab will be finished eitherway, it’s better to not be maxed in the labs than be maxed late game.

  10. I’ve been thinking to go up to 14, it wouldn’t really be a rush either and I’ll quickly get core done anyways. Been wanting pets and that end tier gameplay in th14. And with the looming update of th15 I don’t wanna be behind a th 😂

  11. Yeah you’ll be fine, I oncr had a friend who stayed at th11 to max his heroes… he was capped at gold and elixir for 2+ months…

  12. Nah he’s missing rush wars…. So he lacks one stone that I still have.. :)

  13. Guys don’t understand that it isn’t just the game but the mode aswell.

  14. Exact opposite. Matter of fact, bo3 mp and zm im owere so perfect that i’d prefer it being remade (again this quickly) lver the masterpiece bo2 was…

  15. What does that exactly mean? And lucky?! The oponnents played lik greek gods lmao

  16. Basically there's a function called brawl TV that allows you to spectate high ranked matches around the world. That means your match was featured in Brawl TV and yeah there were 500+ people watching

  17. Damn that’s insane… It’s so weird tho I was just 750 while they were 1.1k…

  18. He's probably in NG+. Lava slowdown doesn't affect the player anymore

  19. I swear they do the most unintelligent nerfs sometimes that don’t make any sense even when you try to think how they came up with it.

  20. not that impressive with a good team, someone had done lvl1 ash at rank 35 before

  21. Can you still earn the plant immediately tho through progression like usual?

  22. Wait are you serious? So you can’t unlock twin sunflower from ancient egypt anymore by reaching that level?!

  23. Tbh one content i’m sure everyone here will like as much as I would is brawler tier system.

  24. I rrally believe they went overambitious and are scaling down now, it has to be.

  25. Don't file a charge back. You'll get at least negative 2k gems and it will ruin your account.

  26. Get ehy the fuck 2k gems? The respective price makes sense, but why 2k

  27. I'm a bastard and I world hop. Pop into a different world (offline) drop all my shit on the ground, pop back in and keep exploring. Then, when I'm home, I do a trip or two viciously overencumbered putting it all away.

  28. Aah naah I don’t like that, I only played valheim once and beat it that one time, I wanted to (and did) experience it the way it is supposed to be, clueless, sailing and praying for the boss altars etc.

  29. I found an island that's pretty much all mountains and I've been vibing on it. Get the wolf armor so you can freely muck about in the snow and build small fences around your dig site to keep sneaky wolves and Fenris out. Also, definitely make sure they can't drop in from anywhere above the fence line. Nasty surprise, that🤣

  30. You lucky maaannn, bro I swear I was sailing with the biggest boat for 3 days (irl days) of like 2 hours a day until I finally found one place, mountain is SO massive and high up that it takes ~3 minutes to go from ship/outpost to the top where silver is, I swear I have only done 1 silver farm hahah, I farmed filled boat farmed filled boat until the entire boat was slotcapped witg silver and then returned to my main base, so I have the armor, I have some weapons and ZERO plans to sail ALL the way back there and repeat :)))

  31. Wait does that mean ninja-glue-alch is viable?

  32. Cripple actually does really good against ddts and most people don't know that and if you sell sniper farms you can easily afford M.A.D

  33. That pvp isn’t dog fucking shit and they uodate the game same way facepunch does by adressing what they work in, WHy they nerfed/buffed/added certain things into the game.

  34. PopCap is killing their own game which I cherished for so many years now. Almost a decade

  35. I don’t really mind the quests. Some of the events are fun (like the premium plant quests or extra hard levels). Although the extra hard levels were originally in the worlds to play whenever…

  36. Quest wasn’t bad in itself but the way it was designed and implemented into the game showed exactly how little care they had for pvz2 and its UI.

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